CBG Hemp Flower

Enjoy comprehensive relief from a unique, all-natural hemp compound that is uniquely suited for combating pain and symptoms brought about and other well-known illnesses. Get your expertly sourced CBG Hemp Flower in any quantity you need for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle while mitigating pain and discomfort.

Benefit from improved function of the immune system. As well as reduced inflammation and an overall sense of wellbeing. Studies strongly indicate the potential neuroprotective impact of CBG. Helping to protect and encourage a healthy state of mind.

With any size order of your handpicked natural CBG Hemp Flower. You’ll receive first-class healing power from a familiar and enjoyable form you can use with your favorite vaporizer, pipe, or rolling papers of choice. Experience a natural way to relieve stress, ease pain and get a fuller night of rest.

Use your personal supply of high-grade CBG Flower when and where you need it most. Taking your herb with you on the road, outdoors, or any room in the house. This places you in complete control over obtaining the natural remedial effects of high-quality CBG flower in exactly the way you need it.

What is CBG Hemp Flower?

Normally, as CBD levels rise within a product, CBG levels naturally decline. But our specially made CBG Hemp Flower has been produced with those desiring CBG in mind. That way you end up with a product tailor-made to your specific needs. CBG can assist in stifling pain and nausea.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to make a quicker recovery. A busy parent looking to ease stress. Someone suffering from a debilitating illness or disease. You’ll enjoy potent alleviation from a product that’s been cultivated to the absolute highest standards of quality and care. Give yourself the flexibility to medicate at your own discretion. Using as much or as little CBG Flower as you require for a balanced state of health.

What can CBD Hemp Flower Do?

Not only can you achieve outstanding relief for persistent pains and unwanted symptoms from illnesses. You can also enjoy peace of mind and centeredness after stressful days or moments of anxiety. Trust The CBD Warehouse – a known leader in the CBD and hemp product industry. For an exceptional level of quality that’s rarely seen anywhere else.

Make your days more meaningful by keeping unwanted pain to an absolute minimum. Which maximizes your freedom of movement and mobility in a totally natural way. Enjoy an awesome alternative to over-the-counter medicines, pharmaceuticals, or substances. That have unhelpful side-effects or psychoactive properties.

From a short-term supply to get you through the work-week. To a large quantity of flower to last over the course of an extended period of time. Get your dose of needed CBG without poisoning your mind or body. Make more of your time spent in deep relaxation or recovery. Whether sitting in a spa, enjoying a deep tissue massage, or simply reclining in your favorite chair or mattress.

You’ll be prepared for nearly any situation, from bouts of acute. To targeted pain to the onset of fatigue or intense symptoms. Be ready for anything with a premium CBG Hemp Flower sourced from only the finest hemp plants available.

Why our CBG is the best choice

Dried and cured to perfection, you can count on your choice CBG Flower for amazing flavor. With an enjoyable experience time after time. Be encouraged to share your CBG Flower with friends and company. Which is an excellent way to enjoy a conversation or relax and unwind.

Take your herbs with you anywhere you go. From long hikes and treks into the wilderness; to long road trips or before watching your favorite movie. There’s no limit to the ways you can use your CBG Flower to the fullest. Expanding your opportunities for pain-free fun.

The power of CBG

Why keep living in inhibiting pain when there’s something that you can do to improve it? Take the initiative to make the first step toward better living a clearer state of mind. With an overall improvement in the way you feel.

Through the therapeutic potential of CBG. Now it’s possible to overcome restricting and debilitating pain symptoms without the need for synthetic ingredients. Having the freedom to be the very best you can equate to huge improvements. Such as at work, school, or whatever your endeavors may entail.

With an unflinching eye toward true quality of CBG Hemp Flower. The CBD Warehouse has gone above and beyond to provide a superior product at an extraordinary price. Don’t sacrifice when it comes to your level of health. When you can have rapid relief from a product that won’t make you sick or drowsy. Feel better and live out loud thanks to a perfectly crafted product that won’t let you down.

With so many options at your disposal. It can be hard to know where to turn for lasting results. The CBD Warehouse has made the process simpler. Thanks to its innovative and forward-thinking approach for their customers.

Now, you can appreciate fast access to potent CBG herb that lets you self-medicate according to your lifestyle. So you don’t have to slow your pace of life to get the crucial pain-relief you need. Feel what it’s like to take control of your quality of life. By spending less time in agony and more time doing the things you love most.

Go beyond the limitations of everyday struggles faced with a wide range of common illnesses and conditions. You’ll have the freedom to take your CBG Flower with you wherever you go. Use as much or as little as you need to get the capable health benefits you so desire. Let go of pain and say hello to a brighter tomorrow by purchasing the very best CBG Hemp Flower.

CBG Hemp Flower. By now, most people familiar with cannabis have heard of THC and CBD and their effects. But did you know there are many similar compounds in cannabis? A lesser-known cannabinoid called cannabigerol (CBG). While not present in large quantities in most strains. Is nonetheless worth learning about for a number of reasons.

CBG’s potential benefits

The human body’s built-in endocannabinoid system (ECS) works to keep the body in its balanced state of homeostasis. While there are specific details about how cannabinoids work. In general the ECS system performs different functions specific to each area of the body. For example, the ECS helps regulate immune cells to limit inflammation for healing wounds.

Use of CBG:

  • ECS receptors are prevalent in eye structures. Interestingly, CBG is thought to be particularly effective in treating glaucoma because it reduces pressure in the eye. It is a powerful vein widener and has nerve protection effects to boot.
  • In animal experiments involving mice. CBG was also found effective in decreasing the inflammation of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • In a recent 2015 study. CBG shown to protect neurons in mice with Huntington’s disease. Which characterized by nerve cell degeneration in the brain.
  • European research shows evidence that CBG is an effective antibacterial agent. Particularly against superbugs. Which is bacteria resistant to several classes of drugs. Since the 1950s, topical formulations of cannabis have been effective in skin infections. Yet researchers at the time were unaware of the plant’s chemical composition.
  • In a very recent 2017 study. Researchers showed that a form of CBG purified to remove delta-9 THC was a very effective appetite stimulant in rats. This may lead to a novel non-psychotropic therapeutic option for cachexia. The muscle wasting and severe weight loss seen in late stage and also other diseases.
  • In a study that looked at the effects of five different cannabinoids on bladder contractions. CBG tested best at inhibiting muscle contractions. That way it may also be a future tool in preventing bladder dysfunction disorders.

Scientists are excited about these initial CBG results and are hoping for future research with CBG alone. Since CBG combined with other cannabinoids and therapies for the treatment of multiple maladies. Because it is non-psychotropic. CBG Hemp Flower also has a promising wide range of potential uses. Not only for the problems mentioned above. But also as an analgesic, therapy for psoriasis, and as an antidepressant.

CBG, or cannabigerol, is a phytocannabinoid. Unlike endocannabinoids (ECB), which the body can produce. ECB is sourced from plants like cannabis. CBG what’s known as a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Meaning it doesn’t get you high.

What are the differences between CBD and CBG?

Despite originating from CBGA, CBD is completely distinct from CBG in both chemical structure and concentration within cannabis plants.

Mostly only found in trace amounts in dried plant material. It only recently that manufacturers have begun to focus more attention on optimising CBG levels in products like CBD supplements. It’s clear that CBG is an essential cannabinoid, but it’s yet unclear exactly how to use it to our benefit.

CBG in Cibdol products

All Cibdol products made using the full spectrum of compounds found in non-psychoactive hemp plants. That means our oils, creams, and supplements all contain a balanced mix of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, terpenes, and more; this also includes CBG.

However, remember that as CBD levels in a plant increase, CBG levels automatically drop. Seeing as our products made using CBD-rich hemp extracts. CBG concentrations in our products are low, at least for the time being.

Ingredients: Hemp flower

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.


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