Maeng Da Kratom Powder is a psychotic drug that is derived from the leaves of the kratom tree. Kratom trees are native to Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years in Southeast Asia, kratom tree leaves have been chewed raw or brewed into a tea and consumed for their mild energy effects. Kratom can be a powder and available in the US, Canada, and the UK. The Kratom powder can provide a variety of effects, depending on the dosage. Kratom powder also has likely dangerous side effects and possible for addiction and dependence if used repeatedly. This is 100% natural, therefore it is not a scheduled substance in the US.

In low doses, Choice Maeng Da Kratom Powder gives a slight sleep effect. More in line with its old use, low doses of kratom powder can increase energy, alert and focus. It can elevate the mood, and also increase sexual arousal and curb appetite for those aiming to lose weight. Many people have also started to replace caffeine, nicotine and other everyday energy givers for kratom.

In higher doses, kratom powder can be bad. In high doses, it provides a sleepy effect that can be same to the effects of opiates or opioids drugs. People taking higher doses of kratom powder report feeling bliss and other effects equal to opioids or depressants. Kratom powder has become popular for use as a replacement for opioids for people who are struggling with opioid addiction. Can help with the addiction.

And above all Tested for quality and purity by small laboratories.

MaengDa – Highest quality Green MaengDa strain powder.

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Green MaengDa strain

Lab tested for purity

100% all natural tested for purity. therefore you can rest assured you have a quality product.

Ingredients: Kratom powder

Contains less than 0.3% THC.

And above all no man made!


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