Delta 8 THC Gummies if there’s one type of CBD product that clearly isn’t going anywhere, it’s CBD edibles.  Edibles are unique in a number of ways, allowing us to savor delicious flavor while giving the body the hemp compounds that it absolutely adores.  Plus, CBD edibles allow us to enjoy a consistent dose of hemp in a way that’s easy to remember, because after all, who could forget to eat candy each day?

One of the most popular forms of CBD edibles is CBD chews.  These are chewy candies that are full of hemp extract, and taste just like the delicious confections that we used to indulge in by the bagful.  CBD chews come in many different forms and are produced by a number of different brands.  Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at this unique type of hemp product.  This way, you’ll be able to choose the best one for your individual preferences and needs.

What are Delta 8 thc gummies?

A D8 thc chew can refer to any chewy candy that contains some form of hemp extract.  It’s classified as an edible, which is one type of CBD product that utilizes the delivery method of ingestion.  Ingesting CBD provides its own unique hemp experience due to the way in which the compounds absorb into the body and activate after working through the digestive track and getting processed by the liver.  When we consume CBD in edible form, it can take longer for us to feel the compounds at work.  But, on the flipside, they stay active in the system for a longer period of time than other delivery methods, with many reporting activation that lasts for hours. 

How Are Chews Made?

To make a D8 gummies, you need, of course, D8.  d8 is just one cannabinoid that’s found in the hemp plant, and it’s the leading compound.  However, the hemp plant contains so much more than just CBD, as many of you know.  For one thing, there are plenty of other cannabinoids, including THC, although it’s only present in a very small amount, which means that it can’t get a person high.  Other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN are considered highly desirable due to their fascinating properties.  Then, there are terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients, and so on.

To be able to add a cannabinoid to a candy recipe, you need the right extract.  And, to produce this extract, the hemp flowers are put through an extraction process which literally separates the desirable compounds from the actual plant material.  Then, the manufacturer can determine whether they wish to leave this extract as is or separate certain compounds to remove them.  Full spectrum hemp extract contains every compound in hemp, including that small amount of THC.  Broad spectrum extract is free of THC, but contains every other compound.  And, finally, there’s CBD isolate, which is, as you would guess, just CBD, as all other compounds have been taken out.

Now that the manufacturer has hemp extract, they can mix it into their candy formula.  A candy formula can contain any number of ingredients that give the product its taste and texture, as well as color.  Each company uses their own candy recipe.

Why are Delta 8 THC Gummies Popular?

CBD chews remain highly popular due to the fact that people simply enjoy taking them.  If you’re going to take CBD daily, why not do so while treating your sweet tooth to what it really wants?  Additionally, CBD chews let you control your dose easily, and can ensure that the hemp compounds remain in the system for hours on end.

What Kinds of CBD Chews Can I Choose from?

CBD chews come in all different kinds of formulas.  For one thing, you can choose between full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate extracts when deciding on the perfect chew for you.  You can also choose from a wide range of milligram strengths that directly pertain to the amount of CBD and other compounds you’ll be consuming per candy piece. 

And, of course, the fun part is deciding your ideal flavor.  Chews come in so many flavors that every palate will be satisfied.  Whether you desire sour berries, cool melons, tangy tropical fruits or anything else, we’re certain that you’ll find a chew that best suits your unique taste buds. 

How Should I Take D8 gummies?

gummies are most often taken daily, as many believe that cannabinoids perform best when taken on a consistent basis.  We recommend starting with the suggested dosage level on the product’s label.  If you wish, you can increase that dose in increments after a few weeks if you’re desiring a higher amount of hemp each day.  D8 chews can be taken at any time of day, and you can take them regularly over long periods of time.  What’s most important is that you choose a company known for high-quality and legitimate hemp products for the best possible results.

Gummies are a Fun and Tasty Way to Get that Daily Hemp Dose

If you’re someone who has a sweet tooth and desires a daily hemp routine. We simply cannot recommend CBD chews enough.  Use this article as your guide so that when the time comes to choose a CBD chew, you’ll know exactly what to look for.  From there, you can enjoy a mouthwatering experience while giving your body a solid dose of high-quality CBD.

Organic D8 Gummies or natural Chews are a fun and tasty way medicate with CBD! Non-GMO, All Natural & Vegan, these chews are safe and environmentally friendly.  Great for your on the go needs, at work snack, post work out recovery, and discrete medicating.

*Store at room temperature for up to 1 year.

  • This a light-psychoactive product derived from Hemp.  Take CAUTION when using any hemp products as they may fail THC screenings. even CBD can metabolize in a way that may show a false positive.  Either way, take any and all hemp products are your own risk.


All Natural demerara sugar

Apple juice

All natural flavoring

Delta 8 thc  from hemp

80 25mg gummies per bag

Ingredients: Demerara sugar, apple juice, gelatin, fruit flavoring, hemp extract

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.