Wild Hemp Hempettes  is one of the most unique products on the market right now. With zero % THC and also a unique flavor profile these are becoming the next big thing.

We utilize Organic Hemp flowers that are full of CBD and also a variety of terpenes that work synergistically together for maximum results. Although containing other cannabinoids, there is zero % THC in every product

Approximately 10 MG per Hemp-ette

20 Hempette’s per pack

Ingredients: Hemp flower

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Intended Use: Inhalation.

Country of Origin: USA Grown Hemp

Plant Part: Aerial parts of the Hemp plant

Transparency: We 3rd party lab test every single batch that we create to ensure transparency is our number one goal. We want to formulate a simple and clean product providing “reliable relief.”


Recreational marijuana use is done with one purpose in mind: to make the user high. With hemp, it’s a completely different story.

Marijuana flowers can have up to 25% of THC, which makes the user stoned — followed up by an uncontrollable desire to eat, also known as “the munchies.”

Hemp has very low levels of THC. So the user has to smoke 10-12 hemp rolls in about 2min to get the same effects as marijuana,

Pot is going to get you high. Hemp CBD flower is going to change your mood, but not drastically, and not in a way that won’t make you want to leave your couch. Instead, hemp has a soothing, relaxing feeling that can make you more energized or sleepy, sometimes depending on the time of the day that you are consuming it.

The best part is that you can smoke Wild Hemp Hempettes anytime you want. And still be able to what tasks needed to be done. But be cautious, as the smell can alert people.

How many?

Single Pack, Carton of 10


Original, Sweets, Pineapple, Menthol