CBD Honey, we infuse it with our finest hemp seed oil, and the most superior essential oils on the planet.  All of our products start off with the highest concentration of any CBD (typically in the 70% to 80% range). Grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture and processed using a whole plant natural Co2 extraction. This allows us to provide the famed Full Entourage effect of all the Terpenes and additional Cannabinoids while removing all the THC.

high-quality ingredients are just one of the reasons our HONEY has the reputation of having the best overall quality, taste, and success rates in the industry.  This is why our customers report such vast differences in the performance of our product versus the competitors.

You can also substitute sugar in recipes for CBD honey. You can use it to make a sports drink, especially for when you have done a long workout. It will give you the energy that you need.If you don’t know how to make this drink, let us help you. You will need a few distinct ingredients such as lemon juice, water, lime juice, sea salt and the CBD honey. Can you tell how refreshing and delicious this will be?

You can also use it to make tea sweetener, caramel sauce, cough syrup, peanut butter, salad dressing, dark chocolate, marshmallows and more. If you suffer from specific ailments, what better way to consume CBD honey, but in a cup of tea? In other words, it gives you that extra help for your health. The cannabis products are the same mentioned here. Enjoy our fantastic products straight from Agrodine!

Ingredients: Organic raw honey, full spectrum hemp extract.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.