Bhang Hemp Distillate high-concentrate pure spectrum CBD oil is the fullest nutrient and terpene-rich CBD experience on the market.

that is to say many CBD products exclude the united terpenoids that is natural in hemp plants.

Awesome flavor and scent

A Bhang Pure Oil Cartridge with pure hemp oil is unrivaled in purity and potency. This delicately-extracted full-spectrum oil retains the quality and flavor profile of the hemp flowers used in the production process.

225 mg CBD in the 500 mg Cartridge

For your peace of mind, every package is independently lab-tested for the absence of microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides.


Less processing & separation involved, therefore potency & flavors are more in line with the natural ratios of the plant.


A potent, flavorful oil true to the original hemp flower.


Closed-loop CO2 extraction ensures a pure, clean product that is 100 percent pure hemp oil – completely devoid of solvents, heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides.

This very pure CBD oil contains little unused flavors and aromas and is perfect for all kinds of practical use. Furthermore, distillates (we call juice for now) can be applied many distinct ways, be it through oral, sublingual, or topical use, or even though vapor and inhalation (e.g. dabbing). Potent medicine can made when combining it with CBD.

Juicing definition:

  1. The action of clearing a liquid by a process of heating or cooling
  2. The pulling of the essential meaning or most important aspect of something

In regards to Hemp, distillation is a process that creates concentrates that are “cleaner” than other concentrates in that they’re pure on a molecular level. The distillates are also one of the most potent types of concentrates that exist.

Distillation of Hemp allows for the extraction of cannabis that offer a pure, versatile, and potent product that has infinite potential as far as application is concerned.

For one, juice is Hemp in one of its purest forms. On average, Hemp juice contains around 80 percent CBD from hemp or THC from weed. Cannabis, Hemp, and various other oils and plant extracts are in the remaining 20%. The terpenes and other various oils are extremely beneficial for the human body. The terpenes, which is what gives hemp its aroma is incredible with CBD. Along with the hemp oils it will guarantee a strong dose of the incredible remedy CBD.

Ingredients: CBD oil

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.