CBD VAPE PENS are one of the best products on the market. This category contains most items from refillable vape pens, cartridges, and disposable singe use pens. We also sell a few juices and even dab material such as terp sauce.

We have a selection of amazing vape cartridges. Our store sell only the best that gives your store a kick and keep customers coming. Agrodine, Heady Harvest, Royal, and Dr. Miller have all been shown to be customers favorites. Our data has shown that more customers ask for these products than many others. These cartridges have fantastic flavor and smooth hits.

We also sell a selection of vape pens that customers can use with the cartridges. Our data has also shown that customers love vape pens with a large battery and huge power output. That way they can produce a large cloud along with a great flavor and hit. So we have have stocked up on fantastic vapes for you and your customers.

We are sure that you cannot go wrong with our selection of vapes and cartridges. With fantastic prices and quality you and your customers will appreciate the fantastic work these people put into their products. Therefore we acknowledge the need of our customers and we shall do our best to keep up stock in product. We generally have much of product in stock and we will keep it stocked so that you and your customers are always happy. We know you will enjoy!

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  • Sale! Bhang CBD

    Bhang Hemp Distillate 225mg

  • Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice Agrodine

    CBD Vape Juice Agrodine 30ml Bottle

  • Disposable CBD Vape Pen

    Disposable CBD Vape Pen Kit Vaporizer

  • Full spectrum CBD

    Full spectrum CBD Cartridge

  • Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice Agrodine

    Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice, New Flavors 30ml Bottle

  • Hemp Bombs E-Liquid Additive

    Hemp Bombs E-Liquid Additive

  • THC 0 vape

    Hemp THC 0 vape 1000mg

  • Mini Mod Starter Kit

    Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit

  • Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice Agrodine

    Organic CBD Vape Juice New Flavors 30ml Bottle