Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit is a very small, compact, powerful kit for essential oil usage. It has a 500mAh battery and has a direct output of 15W. The vape also includes a 510 thread that ensures you can use a wide range of cartridges. The mod has a battery life indicator in the button to tell you when the battery is dead. It has the original click 5 times on and off switch as well. The tank is refillable and is wickless. Kit comes with a Micro USB port and cable for charging.

Smallest Mini Vape Mod

Aside from the slew of large box mods currently running rampant through the vapor community, there has been a renewed call for mini mods by some vapers.

In general, nano mods or micro box mods are able to fit in the palm of your hand but are slightly larger than many of the keychain-sized mini mods. They are a great mid-range, daily driver kind of device that allows you to carry a vape that packs a punch without being a burden.

With these starter kit, you’ll enjoy a whole new kind of vaping backed up by our promise You’ll enjoy flat shipping and a low price guarantee so you can try any of these devices for yourself today!

Mini Stealth Mods

What’s the one problem that has plagued vapers lately? It’s an inability to vape discreetly. Fortunately, manufacturers have caught on to the changing tides and have introduced a number of incredible mini mods just for this purpose.

Instead of carrying a hulking vaporizer in your pocket or backpack. You can now carry these tiny mods on a keychain or lanyard. They fit easily in your hand so you can conceal them while you’re vaping. They produce enough vapor to keep you fulfilled without letting the whole room on to what you’re doing. This makes it easier to vape in public without drawing attention.

Now that companies have mastered the art of producing high-end vapes, they have set their sights on making that technology smaller and smaller. These mini mods have earned great reviews already and continue to get better with time. If you’ve been searching for a starter kit that makes vaping a nice. Personal experience without gathering lots of attention, you’ll enjoy what these devices have to offer.

Ingredients: This product is a device. It does not contain ingredients.

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Single Unit, Case of 12