While Boveda Humidity Control is effective in moisture removal, the standard method of hanging in a dry environment is most effective. Therefore when you feel the plant is close to the intended moisture content for curing, Boveda will do the fine tuning that is to say for perfect long term storage. Grow it, dry it, package it with Boveda. You get perfect long term curing.  as a result, so, consequently will keep your cannabis fresh and tasty.

  • Uses: Proper humidity for curing, storing and protecting your valuables
  • Supports: Up to 1 oz. (28g) of cannabis 
  • Merchandising: Hang from Boveda countertop display rack (complimentary on large orders)
  • Includes: (10) 62%, 8g unwrapped Boveda in resealable bag
  • Boveda SKU: B62-08-10P
  • Individual Dimensions: 2.75″ x 2.5″

How To Use Boveda

Humidipak’s 2-way humidity control solves every problem with refillable humidifiers.

Never guess if or when to refill your humidifier again.

Cycles in humidity are eliminated.

Choose the RH level you prefer – 65, 69, 72, or 75%.

No more hassle of using distilled water.

Bóveda is available in four different RH levels—65, 69, 72 and 75 percent—allowing consumers to choose their desired RH level based on the type of cigars they smoke and/or the moisture-barrier qualities of the humidor. For example, a humidor that doesn’t hold moisture very well may need a higher humidity level just to compensate for the higher moisture loss.

TIP: You can extend the life of your Boveda packs! Before the packs dry out, when they feel grainy to the touch, submerge in distilled water for 3 days , then lay it on a paper towel and pat dry before putting it back in the humidor. If the pack is completely dry, submerge for 5 days in distilled water.

When To Replace

Simply place the correct number of Bóveda packets inside your humidor to maintain a precise relative humidity. The number of Bóveda packets to use depends on the cubic volume of the humidor—regardless of how many cigars are actually stored inside.  REPLACE PACKETS EVERY 2 MONTHS.

As a guide, use one Bóveda packet for every 25 cigars the humidor can hold. For example, a 50-count humidor would need two Bóveda packets; a 75-count humidor would need three Bóveda packets, and so on. The only exception to this guideline is for a small 25-count humidor where a minimum of two packets is still needed due to surface area and volume.

Ingredients: Desiccant

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

How many

Single Pack, 12c Display