While it is direct in moisture removal, the standard method of hanging in a dry habit is most valid. Therefore when you feel the plant is close to the planned moisture content for curing, this will do the fine tuning that is to say for perfect long term storage. Grow it, dry it, package it with our product. You get perfect long term curing, as a result your cannabis will be fresh and tasty.

  • Uses: Proper moisture for curing, generally for storing and guarding your treasures
  • Supports: Up to 1 lb. (450g) of cannabis
  • Marketing: Display retail carton at cashier or trade show
  • Includes: (12) 62%, 67g over wrapped in retail carton
  • Boveda SKU: B62-67-OWC
  • Specific Bulk: 5.25″ x 3.5″
  • Retail Carton Dimensions: 5.75″x 3.75″x 4.5″

What’s Special about Boveda Packs 2-Way Humidity Control

Boveda Packs has hit upon a special result to this all too common storage problem. A vacuum is crucial to retain max freshness, however, moisture is also important. Every product has a certain amount of humidity needed for storing. There are also all sorts of foods, herbs, and even gear that are moisture-sensitive. This needs to be taken into study when storing all sorts of items. Anything you’ve purchased with those “silica gel” packages was something that needed to be kept dry.

The big trade-secret at the heart of Boveda’s radical product is… salt. Scientists can precisely measure how salt effects the humidity. Boveda has developed “Humidipaks”, which also store saltwater between reverse osmosis membranes. This emits water vapor at levels customised to different products. 32% humidity is the best to store coffee beans. Cigars require much more humidity, anywhere from 65% to 75%.

Ingredients: Desiccant

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

How many

Single Pack, 12c Display