CBD Lip Balm. The CBD market has grown to phenomenal heights over the last couple of years, and any hemp enthusiast will be able to back this up.  Today, many consumers enjoy a variety of CBD-infused goodies such as topicals, vape oils and edibles that can be enjoyed at various times throughout the day.  Speaking of topicals, the topical hemp market is growing at a rapid pace due to a number of fascinating developments biologically, scientifically and technologically speaking.  In fact, it’s becoming such a fast-growing market that we expect this industry to dominate by the end of 2020.

Now, due to the popularity of CBD, companies are finding more and more ways to infused hemp compounds into commonly used topical products.  This includes everything from body wash products to foot creams.  As we know, the hemp plant is rich in a variety of compounds that can be absorbed in a transdermal manner.

One product that we couldn’t be more excited about is CBD Lip Balm.  This lip balm product is rich in hemp-based compounds in addition to natural ingredients that leave the lips soft, soothed and healthy.  Most of us struggle with dried, chapped lips, especially during the harsh winter months.

What is Cannabidiol Lip Balm?

Our lips have unique needs as they are unlike any other part of the skin.  While the skin on our face and bodies have pores that secrete sebum, a natural oil that protects and hydrates the skin’s surface, our lips are poreless.  Therefore, they do not produce any natural moisture or protective biochemicals.  For this reason, it’s essential that we supply our lips with moisture from external sources. 

Lip balm has been a must-have product for decades, as most of us struggle with dried and chapped lips on a regular basis.  Lip balm products are always being reformulated in order to better soothe, protect and moisturize the lips.  But, there’s one innovation in lip balm products that people can’t stop talking about, and it’s CBD.

Yes, the same CBD that you consume on a regular basis in the form of a tincture, edible or what have you is being used as the key ingredient in lip balms.  When you consider the things you know about hemp, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  Hemp’s fascinating compounds that exist in its cannabinoids and terpenes can definitely give your lips a little bit of much-needed love.

What Makes CBD Lip Balm So Unique?

Not only is CBD lip balm rich in a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids, but it’s formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients that reduce inflammation and irritation, transforming dry, cracked lips so that they feel soft, soothed and perfectly kissable.  This formula is ideal for the cold winter months when most of us find that our lips become so dehydrated, they actually cause pain.  Additionally, this lip balm can be used daily throughout the year to maintain healthy-looking lips no matter what’s going on with the weather.

How is CBD Lip Balm Created?

CBD Lip Balm starts with high-quality hemp extract.  As you may know, not all hemp extracts are created equally.  This particular formula contains hemp extract that comes from carefully cultivated industrial hemp.  The hemp is picked once it has matured, and is run through a CO2 extraction process to produce a concentrated oil that’s extremely high in a variety of desirable plant compounds.  It’s then decarboxylated so that those compounds become even more bioavailable, allowing them to absorb into the skin and be fully active.

From there, this hemp extract is combined with a number of plant-based fats so that the resulting formula is fully capable of replenishing lip’s moisture levels.  The formula glides on smoothly and leaves lips feeling soft rather than sticky.  This formula is also unique in that it absorbs beneath the top layer of skin on the lips so that it truly transforms them from deep within.

CBD Lip Balm is almost always free of unnecessary filler ingredients and artificial chemicals that can damage the delicate skin of the lips.  All that you’ll be applying is natural compounds found in plant material.

Why is Cannabidiol Lip Balm a Popular Choice

So, what’s with all the hype surrounding CBD Lip Balm?  Well, it’s quite simple: it works.  CBD Lip Balm is such a popular product among hemp enthusiasts because it accomplishes what users want, which is soft lips that don’t feel irritated, cracked or inflamed.  If you struggle with dry, chapped lips like so many of us do, we recommend treating yourself to this wonderful product. 

How Should I Use CBD Lip Balm?

If you’re familiar with lip balm already, you’ll have no trouble incorporating CBD lip balm into your daily routine.  Simply apply it to the lips whenever your lips are beginning to feel dry or irritated.  We do recommend doubling up on application during the cold months.  This is because the dry winter air robs your skin of moisture.  While the skin on our faces can replenish its own moisture levels somewhat due to the production of sebum within the pores, our lips cannot.  Therefore, our lips absolutely require moisture from outside in order to stay healthy and protected. 

*We suggest using this product several times per day if your lips are severely cracked, dry, irritated or inflamed, as lips that are in poor condition can develop infections. 

Keep Those Lips Chap-Free in a Better Way

Dr. Miller Lip Balm is one of the topical hemp products that we absolutely love, and by now, we’re sure that you can see why.  Our lips are very sensitive, and CBD may be able to soothe them all year round.  If you want to treat your lips to the wonders of hemp, invest in this lip balm today.

Ingredients: Bees wax, organic shea butter, hemp extract

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.