CBD Beer Cbd Warehouse has launched one of the first non alcoholic CBD beers to the CBD Market. Our beer contains 20mg of hemp derived CBD per bottle

If you consider yourself a CBD enthusiast, chances are that you’ve tried out different tinctures, edibles, topicals and vaping goods. That are on the market today in order to experiment with different hemp delivery methods.  But, there’s a new product in town that’s getting a lot of hype, and that’s CBD beer.  After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a boost cannabinoids while throwing back a cold one after a long day?

There are a lot of things that make CBD beer extremely unique. As you’ll see, this is a lot more than a gimmick.  In fact, we expect to see CBD beer popping up a lot over the next year or so. Because it’s relatively easy to produce, and brings something special to the hemp table.

Why More People are Finding New Ways to Consume CBD

When CBD first hit the market a handful of years ago. Options fairly limited when came to the different delivery methods available.  However, the world of hemp has made leaps and bounds in its short time of existence. With researchers, scientists, biologists and manufacturers coming together to advance the technology behind. Integrating CBD into a wide range of products.  As a result, we have more ways to consume hemp than ever before. With each delivery method bringing something unique to the table.

This is good news for hemp users, as everyone seems to have their own preferred way of consuming hemp.  For one thing, people like having options, as not everyone is necessarily thrilled about one particular administration method due to personal preferences.  Even more interestingly, however, is the fact that we know that different delivery methods have different absorption rates, and this can affect many aspects of one’s hemp experience, including the length of time during which the compounds are active, and how potent they feel after peaking in the system.

Nanotechnology and CBD Beverages

One way in which the CBD world has advanced has to do with nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology involves changing the structures of compounds on a molecular level.  Nanotechnology has served the CBD industry well by providing companies with the ability to utilize water-soluble hemp extracts for liquid formulations.  Before this advancement, companies could only produce oil-based hemp extracts, which could not be blended with liquids.  But, thanks to water-soluble CBD, liquid hemp goods are now becoming very popular, and among them are CBD-infused beverages.

Therefore, you can imagine why companies are eager to produce CBD-infused beer.  Beer is already a very popular item and infusing it with CBD helps beer companies reach out to more wellness-oriented consumers.

CBD Beer: A Must-Have for Hemp and Beer Enthusiasts Alike

So, what is CBD beer, anyway?  Well, in short, it’s just like the beer that you already drink, but it’s enhanced with CBD.  In other words, CBD beer is not a beer that comes strictly from hemp, but hemp is added to a standard beer formula.  This means that it tastes just like regular beer, only it contains hemp compounds as well.

One thing that makes CBD beer unique is the fact that hemp and hops share lots of similarities. Which is why producing a CBD beer is in fact not that difficult at all.  This allows the hemp to actually add to the unique flavor profile of a particular type of beer.  It also makes it easy for the compounds to blend in with the hops so that they’re evenly distributed throughout the liquid.

So, how does CBD beer affect you?  Well, like most of you know, hemp is not psychoactive, so there’s no need to worry about getting high off of it.  And, there’s no reason to think that CBD enhances the effects of alcohol.

When we consume CBD orally, whether it be via a beer or a capsule. It works through the digestive system before becoming activated in the bloodstream.  So, if you’re looking to “feel” the CBD, know it can take up to two hours before its effects peak.  And, the CBD should stay active in the body for hours, as this is the nature with all hemp products consumed via ingestion.

Another thing to know about CBD beer is that like most CBD products, you have choices.  For one thing, different CBD beer products have different milligram strengths, so pay attention to this when choosing your beer if the potency level is important to you.  Also, like most CBD goods, CBD beers can contain CBD isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum hemp extract. 

How to Choose the Right CBD Beer

In order to choose the best CBD beer. Important that you check out a company thoroughly before buying from them.  Make sure they provide lab results on the hemp that they use so that you can learn about its potency, quality and unique compound profile.  Also, it never hurts to look up reviews on a particular CBD brand before buying, as these reviews can let you know more about the taste, quality and effectiveness.

Also, know that some people experience some sleepiness if they consume high doses of CBD.  And, high levels of alcohol can make some people feel tired.  If you’re prone to either of these side effects, bear that in mind when choosing both the alcohol level and CBD concentration of a particular beer product.  And, know that if one CBD beer product doesn’t appeal to you, that doesn’t mean that they’re all going to disappoint. 

This One’s on the House

If you’re looking for a way to unwind after a long and difficult week, you may find that CBD beer is the best possible option.  This unique and thrilling product really does give you the best of both worlds, allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage while giving your body the CBD that it knows and loves.

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water, barely, hops, natural grape fruit extract, broad spectrum hemp distillate, soy lecitin.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.


Grapefruit Haze, Blood Orange, Pale Haze, Mixed