CBD Distillery Tincture

CBD Distillery Tincture. This bottle of powerful CBD can keep you prepared.

Twice the size of 15ml bottles.

This product is great value for those trying to keep a good stock.

This is the CBDistillery’s behemoth bottle! 5000mg 30ml Full Spectrum Tincture is ready to serve when you need it. another dose of pure, 100% natural, that is to say 3rd party lab-tested, easy to absorb, and fast-acting tincture.

This tincture can be used to help alleviate pain from a minor scrape to pain after surgery. It also has the ability to improve sex drive.

You can harness the great power of CBD with these tinctures. It is extremely universal in medical value. Plus, you cannot overdose on CBD so you can take as much as you need. It is also not addictive. You can give it to pets so they can also harness the power of this plant.

Be mindful that CBD can show up on drug tests. Make sure you use it safely in order to prevent a bad day. As some companies can fire you for having it in your system believing it to be THC, it’s brother. It is best to use it if you absolutely have to, or if you are sure that it won’t effect your ability to work.

This product is the best you can get for its value. A large bottle and plenty of CBD at your disposal. It is generally a great deal among CBD users. They will all agree that this is as great as top tier stuff.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts)

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.


Isolate, Full Spectrum