This CBD Coffee Will Not Only Provide You With a Great a Fresh Premium Roast but Also All of the Medicinal Benefits of Hemp Oil. It is great for Monday mornings for a real pick-me-up to get your day going. It is perfect for preventing a caffeine addiction.

Most of us savor that first cup of coffee in the morning.  There’s nothing like a piping hot cup of joe to get us feeling awake and ready to take on the day ahead.  But, sometimes, coffee just isn’t enough, especially when we’re feeling a bit stressed or down.

That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about one of the most thrilling trends to hit the hemp industry: CBD coffee.  That’s right – you can consume your daily dose of high-quality hemp while enjoying a nice, soothing cup of coffee each day.  At CBD Warehouse USA, we’ve got one of the most sought-after CBD-infused coffees that exists on the market today, and we’ll be explaining what makes this product so unique.

Why CBD Coffee?

So, why would someone feel the need to add some hemp to their morning cup?  Well, for one thing, it’s a delivery method that is uniquely enjoyable.  A lot of us want to start a daily hemp routine but aren’t so enthused about having to remember to take a tincture each night, or add yet another capsule to our daily regimen.  CBD coffee is so tasty that we forget we’re even taking a daily dose of hemp while we sip our favorite beverage.

Not only that, but CBD and coffee may be a great combination.  While coffee is known for its stimulating effects, CBD has a reputation for helping us relax without losing our sense of concentration.  Taking the two compounds together can provide a more balanced experience that can help us feel more than prepared for the day ahead.

Additionally, this is a highly bioavailable method for consuming CBD, and it also allows for a long-lasting experience well after you’ve enjoyed that last drop.  When we consume CBD via ingestion, the compounds stay active in the system longer because of how they are processed through the liver.  This means that your morning cup has the potential to get you through a large chunk of the day ahead.

K-Cup Hemp CBD Coffee 12-Pack: A Whole New Way to Start Your Morning Off Right

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to enjoy some CBD coffee, look no further than the K-Cup Hemp CBD Coffee 12-Pack at CBD Warehouse USA.  Most of us already own a Keurig machine, because we know that this method of making coffee is fast and easy, not to mention delicious.  The K-Cup Hemp CBD Coffee 12-Pack provides you with twelve Keurig-friendly coffee k-cups that each contain a whopping 75 milligrams of hemp extract that contains less than 0.3 percent THC.  That’s a great dosage level for daily use.

The coffee itself is a Peruvian blend, which is dark, rich, nutty and robust.  You’ll absolutely adore the smooth flavor while you give your body a spectacular dose of high-quality CBD.  As an added bonus, this coffee is fair trade.  The CBD itself has been tested by a third-party laboratory facility, as this allows consumers to know that it’s pure, high in quality, adequately potent and full of the compounds that we desire from the hemp plant.

Besides the fact that CBD has some pretty exciting plant properties, it’s also rich in nutrients, including omega fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins.  By ingesting CBD in this manner, you’ll be ensuring that your body gets those nutrients properly. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that the natural taste of hemp has been found to blend very well with the flavor of coffee.  Hemp adds a slight earthiness and nuttiness that can provide a richer flavor profile overall.  And, you can add your cream and sugar as desired, just like you would with any other coffee beverage.  Although, we have to say that it’s pretty delicious all on its own.

Mornings Never Tasted So Good (CBD Coffee)

If you want to take your daily routine to the next level, consider adding some CBD to your cup of joe.  The K-Cup Hemp CBD Coffee 12-Pack does the hard work for you, infusing their exquisite Peruvian blend with the perfect amount of high-quality hemp extract.  Simply sip your favorite beverage and allow those desirable hemp compounds to get to work in no time.

The caffeine and CBD work parallel to each other in the brain receptors. Where caffeine is a stimulant and CBD is a sedative, they work together to create a desired result of both. Where caffeine makes you jumpy and anxious and CBD can make you tired and unproductive, both working together is enough to reach a productive state.

A never burnt toaster dark roast. Savor every sip of this Peruvian Hemp infused, heavy-bodied, coffee featuring full aroma and smoky deep flavor.

Hemp Coffee is the latest in healthy products for happy people. But, why trade in your average cup’o joe for this?

Whether you’re new to hemp, or an absolute purist who swears by it in their daily diet, it’s important to know that hemp contains more omega acids than any other plant.

If you don’t cook with hemp oil, or have difficulty finding time to cook omega-rich meals. Hemp coffee is a great way of injecting just the omega boost you need into your daily diet.

So what are the benefits of K-Cup Hemp CBD Coffee?

It’s much easier on your stomach and is much less acidic than regular coffee.

Our hemp coffee is made with organically roasted, fair-trade Peruvian coffee beans for a beautifully smooth yet bold flavor, with a hemp nut aftertaste.

So say bye-bye to the bitterness, baby! Our perfected blending process has made sure to eliminate that!

Ingredients: Ground coffee, hemp extract.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

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