CBD Syrup, simple natural cannabis and/or hemp derived mixtures.

Hemp syrups can treat a myriad of problems and conditions. like for example insomnia, inflammation joint and muscle pains, anxiety, and opiate withdrawal from substances like codeine. They certainly get the job done.

in other words Simply pour the desired amount of syrup into your beverage of choice, usually a fruity-flavored carbonated soda like Sprite. Add some ice (or even a Jolly Rancher for extra flavor), mix it up a bit, and enjoy.


Why Would I Need CBD Syrup?

Chances are by now someone you know has told you about the wonders of Lean. You must have had a friend try to turn you on because they have started using and benefiting from it.

You only “need” Lean Syrup if you care about your health. It’s that simple.

Think of Lean like a natural multivitamin with the power of prescription medications but better for your body and without the side effects.

Taken from the Hemp plant, once in your body, Delta 8 interacts with your body’s Endocannabinoid System. This is perhaps the most important system in your body for maintaining and regulating health. Receptors of the Endocannabinoid System are literally spread throughout your body.

Individuals that take Hemp report benefits in a few common areas. These include:

  • Lessened Anxiety and Mood Enhancement
  • Inflammation Reduction and Pain Relief
  • Better Sleep

The reason Lean has such diverse benefits is because the Endocannabinoid System helps bring the body into balance, whatever your individual issue is.

How do I take Lean Syrup?

Syrup is perhaps most commonly mixed with lemon lime sodas like Sprite. In fact, many companies brand their syrups after the “lean” drink made from grape syrup, jolly ranchers, cough syrup, and sprite.

While “Lean” (aptly named because all you can do is “lean” back when you take it) is a potentially fatal concoction, “Our Lean” is a spin on the drink with no health complications and many benefits.

Simply pour out or measure by teaspoon the serving size you want.

Ingredients: Hemp extract, corn syrup, water, citric acid

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.




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