Agrodine Hemp Distillate 500mg


Agrodine Hemp Distillate

Agrodine Hemp Distillate CBD Vape Cartridges contain 500mg of full spectrum organic CBD distillate with natural occurring cannabis terpenes to maximize efficacy with holistic therapeutic benefits derived from nature’s “Entourage Effect”*. Our CBD Vape Pen Cartridges contain 100% organic ingredients (CBD & Terpenes)

  • 0.5ml Cartridge
  • 500mg Active CBD
  • Full Spectrum / Non-Isolate
  • Natural Terpene Profiles
  • No THC
  • Skunk hemp
  • Sativa
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC.

Ingredients: Purified CBD crystals

CBD Distillate from Hemp

CBD Distillate is a highly refined cannabis extract also derived from high CBD hemp flower and hemp biomass.

Distillate Generally contains around 80% CBD with the balance including minor cannabinoids, terpenes and other plants oils and extracts.

Purified cannabidiol crystals comprising up to 99.5% or more of CBD.

Distillate is also ideal to use in manufacturing of CBD products such as oil tinctures, capsules and vape products.

Full spectrum CBD Extract

Because CBD Distillate still contains other cannabinoids and terpenes it is often considered a full spectrum product. CBD Distillate generally contains significant quantities of other CBD including CBG, CBC and THC.

Note that if THC levels exceed 0.3% then CBD can be legally problematic as it falls outside the scope of a “hemp” product under US law. Similar situations apply in other countries.

For this reason there is growing interest in THC Free CBD Distillate. Another reason is the fact that distillate contains more benefit than isolate. You see, distillate is created from full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum contains terpenes and other minerals along with CBD. Therefore you are getting more benefits from hemp then just plain old isolate. Isolate gives you nothing but CBD.

As you know, here at Agrodine we strive to give the best product possible. With our hands we craft the finest CBD we can muster. As usual we hope you enjoy what we make just for our customers.


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