Feeling thirsty?  Rather than reaching for yet another sugary, artificially flavored beverage, why not opt for something that will quench your thirst while simultaneously giving your wellness a nice boost?  

What is Delta 8 Infused Lemonade?

D8 lemonade is pretty self-explanatory.  It’s simply a lemonade beverage, just like that which you grew up enjoying, only it’s infused with hemp extract.  What this means is that as you sip on a nice glass of your favorite summertime drink, you’re not just treating yourself to that sweet and tangy taste.  You’re also giving your body a daily dose of Delta 8 THC that gets to work in order to give your endocannabinoid system what it needs to do its job.

infused lemonade consists of a standard lemonade recipe that contains hemp extract.  Lemonade’s main ingredients are lemon juice derived from fresh organic lemons, water and a sweetener to balance out the tartness.  A water-soluble cannabidiol extract is also added, in an amount that ensures that each serving size (one glass) gives you your daily dose of hemp so that you can properly support your endocannabinoid system with the cannabinoids that it requires.


How Many

Single, 6 Pack, Case of 36


Pink Lemonade, Green Crack, Blue Dream