Dab Ninja E-Nail

Dab Ninja E-Nail is the first and only e-nail that won’t leave a hole in your wallet knowing you’re getting a bang for your buck. It’s a small portable e-nail that is designed compatibility for any type of water tool attachments. Anything from attachments, adapters, bongs, or any other accessory.
This highly expendable E-nail can reach a max of 990 F. The Precise settings of the temperature to each 990°F Max Temperature makes this a highly expandable portable E-Nail on steroids. 

The Dab Ninja E-Nail may seem high for this E-Nail, it is actually a very good price to have. With the size of the vaporizer only being 4 x 4.25 x 6.5 in, it can still easily fit in your pocket, your hand can palm it and you can use it anywhere with ease on the go without worrying about any type of problems. It is more of a handheld desktop type of vaporizer. Since it requires you to plug it up into a power outlet as it is compatible in the 110v electrical supply.

This will be one of the most powerful E-Nail vaping systems in the world. There’s no one vaporizer that can reach temperatures of nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit besides our product.  This will be your premium high-quality desktop type of the digital e-nail. The best part are the amount of attachments that will allow you to vaporize with any type of water. Such as attachments, adapters, bongs or any type of that accessory.

This E-nail is perfect for all your dabbing needs. Generally many other E-nails make you pay much and doesn’t deliver the satisfaction you need when dabbing. With our expendable amount parts and uses it is a fantastic product. We guarantee that you will enjoy this product and capability that comes with it.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.