CBD Benefits

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With a huge wave of legalization gaining traction, cannabis-based products are flooding the market.

CBD is one of those versatile products permeating the mainstream. It’s winning over a whole army of consumers, but hemp is no underdog.

It has tremendous potential across industries, from clothing to home insulation. It has also been used for decades in cooking and skincare for decades.

The main problem is many people aren’t sure whether oil made these two is the same or not. To make things more complicated, new products are sprouting up seemingly every day. Regulation still hasn’t caught up either.

So, is there a difference in hemp oil and CBD oil? There’s a lot of hearsay and hype floating around and we need to separate them from facts. This guide should allow you to avoid overpaying for products that don’t bring the benefits you expect.

1. CBD Is Loaded With Amazing Benefits

As far as science is concerned, the relation between CBD and hemp oil is no mystery.

Compound cannabis cannabinoid (CBD) is an active component of a cannabis plant. To be more precise, it’s extracted from stalks, leaves, and flowers. This type of cannabinoid is among the two most popular ones, the other being THC.

Unlike THC, however, it doesn’t get one high. Namely, it’s made from a mature hemp plant, which has a very low THC content.  It holds other naturally-occurring compounds, such as terpenes and flavonoids.

They enhance the various properties of the oil and balance our body’s natural systems.

Namely, CBD has medicinal, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. Benefits come in the form of pain relief and management, as well as treatment of mental health and illnesses.  You can also use oil for muscle ache, anxiety, joint pain, sleep disorders, headaches, etc.

2. Hemp Boosts Wellness and Health Too

Hempseed oil is similar to other carrier oils, such as sunflower and coconut oil.

And just like CBD, it isn’t psychoactive at all. That’s because it doesn’t contain any other cannabinoid (THC or CBD). Instead, what you get is a potent blend of nutrients.

Hemp oil can be used in cooking, supplementation, beauty products, and other items. Many deem it a super-food with exceptional nutrient value, the “X factor” for any wholesome died.

This flattering title is justified considering opulent mineral and healthy fats presence.

We have antioxidants, as well as protein, vitamin E, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. Thanks to gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), hemp oil can also help decrease inflammation during the menopause. Likewise, it alleviates the adverse symptoms of PMS.

3. The Sourcing of Two Oils Varies

Hempseed and CBD are also two completely different compounds of the cannabis family.

Not only that but they’re also derived from different parts of the plant.

When it comes to CBD oil, it’s harnessed from the entire plant via a process called extraction. CO2 and ethanol are two of the most common solvents used here. The alternative method is called a solvent-less extraction.

Hemp oil is sourced in a different way, as it comes from hempseeds only. They are cold-pressed and turned into the oil without any phytocannabinoids added. This process preserves raw nutrients and resembles how one manufactures carrier oils.

Varying makeup and origin also bring different benefits and properties. We’re going to discuss them in the next section.

4. Both Support Skincare and Beauty  Goals

Both CBD and hemp oil are popular ingredients in skincare products and for good reasons too.

Alas, they are marketed interchangeably, which stirs confusion on the part of consumers. How does this practice hold up when held to the scrutiny of science?

Well, hempseed oil is proven to have superior militarization, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties. It makes the skin softer and free of blemishes without clogging the pores. That being said, the body of research on CBD oil is growing.

It suggests this cannabinoid is skin’s ally too in combat against rashes, wrinkles, psoriasis, acne, and sensitive skin. Besides, CBD is teeming with anti-oxidants and their amazing properties are well-documented.

The takeaway you can trust both oils to rejuvenate your skin.

5. Pay Attention to Labeling

With regulation still in the infancy period, marketing and labeling can often be misleading.

Some brands proudly wave the cannabis flag but remain vague about specific ingredients. Other manufacturers try to deliberately rip consumers off (CBD oil is pricier). Then, there are those companies that label their products as hempseed-based to escape FDA regulative grip.

So, to avoid these traps, you need to always do your research. Double-check the ingredient list and read the fine print. Confirm you’re getting what you paid for.

Hempseed oil should be there as “cannabis Sativa seed oil”. CBD can be listed in more than one way. The most common terms are cannabidiol, full-spectrum hemp, hemp oil, and PCR (phytocannabinoid-rich).

Notice it’s becoming a common practice to declare how many milligrams of CBD and hemp product contains. Lack of this crucial detail on the packaging should arouse suspicion. Stay in-the-know.

Is There a Difference in Hemp oil and CBD Oil: Now You Know!

The green rush is in full swing across the states.

Many consumers are flocking to get their share of the soothing joy. To aid them in decision-making, we’ve offered the answer to the question “Is there a difference in hemp oil and CBD oil”.

It turns out CBD and hempseeds belong to the same, non-mind-altering side of the cannabis family. They share many similarities and possess immense wellness potential. But, this doesn’t tell the full story.

We have to be aware of the major differences and the unique benefits of the two. After all, they don’t have the same effect on our body and health. In particular, beware of false marketing and labeling.

Always do your homework and keep a close eye on differentiating ingredients. This should help you stay on the safe side and get exactly what you’re looking for.

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