CBD: Timing Can Be Everything


If you’re planning to start a regular CBD routine, it is crucial that you have some basic knowledge about how the compounds in hemp work with the body.  CBD is incredibly unique in the way it interacts with the bodily system, and so having the proper level of information before beginning a regimen is the key to having a successful experience and potentially reaching your goals with all that hemp has to offer.

That is where timing comes in.  As you may know, there are many different delivery methods out there, and each one has its own absorption rate.  Therefore, knowing how to time your CBD dose based on the unique delivery method that you’ve chosen is important if you want to find some bliss.

Why is Timing So Important with CBD?

Timing, we cannot stress enough. is particularly important when it comes to maintaining a daily hemp routine.  That’s because timing your intake properly can determine whether or not you experience the results you want at the right time of the day.  For instance, if consuming CBD for sleep-related reasons, you want to make sure that those hemp compounds peak right when you’d ideally be falling asleep.

Timing Per Delivery Method

Now, let’s break down each of the main delivery methods out there and explain the absorption rate of each one.

#1: Topicals

Topical solutions are CBD products that are applied to the skin to target an affected area.  Most topicals tend to work within minutes and can last for up to a few hours.  How fast the CBD absorbs can also depend on the potency level, as higher potencies tend to be more fast-acting.  In fact, this seems to be the case with all CBD products.

#2: Tinctures

CBD tinctures are consumed sublingually.  Beneath the tongue is what’s known as the sublingual tissue, which is very efficient at absorbing plant compounds.  CBD tinctures are held beneath the tongue for a minute before being swallowed.  CBD tinctures tend to take 20 to 45 minutes to activate, depending on the person’s unique body.  Then, they can last for up to a couple of hours.

#3: Vape Oils

Vape oils act the fastest, often taking minutes to peak in the body.  However, the effects can be short-lived despite tending to be felt more potently than other methods.

#4: Edibles

Edibles are the longest-lasting, being capable of working for several hours at a time. However, they can take up to two hours to take effect due to the slow process of digestion required before the compounds are released into the bloodstream by the liver.

When It Comes to CBD, Timing Really Can Be Everything

Each delivery method has its own absorption rate and activation window and knowing this information can help you a lot when you’re planning out the best way to adjust your routine to accommodate your unique needs and goals.  Use this guide to understand when you should take your CBD according to the delivery method that you’ve chosen.