How to Avoid Burnt CBD E-Liquid When Vaping


Anyone out there who enjoys vaping CBD understands the importance of choosing the proper hardware and the right e-liquid formula.  Still, even after vapers go to great lengths to choose the perfect products, it’s not uncommon to experience a burnt vape from time to time.  While this problem is annoying to say the least, good news is that the key to remedying it is simply understanding the various factors that can cause it and adjusting your setup accordingly.

What You Can Do to Prevent This from Happening

As you’ll see, these are all simple methods that you’ll have no trouble incorporating into your vape routine.

Tip #1: Use the Proper Hardware

One thing to be extra sure of is that you’re using the right hardware.  Beginners tend to make the mistake of assuming that just because their device and their cartridge or tank share a 510-threaded connection, that they have a compatible setup.  However, this isn’t the case.  Too many newbies use a standard CBD cartridge with a high-powered box mod setup.  What happens when they do this?  Well, they end up burning their vape immediately.  Why?  Because the power of the mod is simply too high.  Instead, ask the vendor or company what type of hardware they suggest if this information isn’t easily available.

Tip #2: Choose a High-Quality E-Liquid

Sometimes, a burnt e-liquid is the fault of the vape juice manufacturer.  Cheaper ingredients can burn more easily, which means that you simply need to go with a higher-quality CBD vape juice.

Tip #3: Be Careful When Adjusting Your Settings

A lot of beginners assume that a higher output setting means a stronger CBD experience, and so they opt for the highest output setting that their device has to offer.  However, be aware that often, this can simply lead to burning the e-liquid, which can render the compounds ineffective.  We suggest starting with the lowest output setting and slowly working your way up in small increments, only as needed.

Tip #4: Know When to Change Your Cartridge or Coil

Burnt CBD e-liquid can simply mean that it’s time to change your cartridge or coil.  After the heating element dies out, it can no longer properly vaporize the e-liquid, and so it will consistently produce a burnt taste.  If you’re using a cartridge, know that once the e-liquid is below the coil line, it’s time to switch.  And, if you’re using a tank that has a replaceable coil, look for other signs that the coil needs to be replaced, such as a gurgling noise, flooding of the tank and weak vapor production.

Top #5: Clean Out Your Tank or Cartridge Before Refilling

In many cases, burnt e-liquid is simply the result of an unclean tank or cartridge.  If you’re using a refillable tank or cartridge, it’s important that you thoroughly rinse it out each time you’re about to refill it with more vape juice.  Otherwise, residue from the old e-liquid can build up within the tank or cartridge and burn each time you fire the device.  This will produce a burnt taste as the old residue mingles with the fresh e-liquid.

Make Burnt CBD E-Juice a Thing of the Past

No one wants to experience a burnt flavor while they are vaping their CBD e-liquid.  Not only is it unpleasant to the taste buds, but it can indicate that you have damaged the compounds in hemp that you’re trying to consume.  Use the advice above to prevent burning your CBD vape juice.  These tips are as easy as they are effective.