What is Water Soluble CBD?

water soluble cbd

The CBD industry is constantly evolving, with more and more developments entering the market to streamline the process of manufacturing while improving the way in which we consume our hemp each day.  One of the most exciting advancements so far is water soluble CBD.  Thanks to huge leaps in technology, industry leaders have come up with a way to make CBD more bioavailable while also allowing us to consume it in a wider variety of ways.

Water soluble CBD is a fairly new development, and little by little, it’s spreading across the industry.  We’re seeing more and more companies using advanced methods to produce water soluble CBD, and some companies are completely switching over to it from the more conventional oil soluble options.

So, what is water soluble CBD, exactly?  As a consumer, you’re likely wondering if it’s worth switching over.  Well, today we will be explaining this new advancement in detail, which will help you understand it more thoroughly so that you can determine whether or not it’s right for you.

Water Soluble CBD: The Basics

Water soluble CBD is pretty self-explanatory, as it turns out.  It simply means that the concentrated hemp extract is soluble in water, rather than oil.  Up until now, hemp extracts that are used to produce CBD product formulas have been oil soluble, meaning that they cannot dissolve in water.  Water soluble CBD is a pretty new invention, and it’s changed the hemp market dramatically.

How Water Soluble CBD is Made

Water soluble CBD is made using advanced technological methods that work with the hemp on a molecular level.  Three types of water soluble CBD exist: nanoemulsions, microemulsions and liposomes.

Nanoemulsions are created using nanotechnology, which essentially means that the hemp is transformed by turning the hemp extract into nano droplets.  These droplets are then automatically transformed from oil soluble to water soluble.  As of now, most industry experts believe that this is the best method because it yields the most water soluble product.

Microemulsions also utilize nano droplets, but use an emulsion process.  Then, there are liposomes, which are small water-based spheres containing the compounds.

Two Biggest Advantages of Water Soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD has some pretty spectacular advantages over traditional oil soluble CBD.  Allow us to elaborate.

Advantage #1: More Bioavailability is Always a Good Thing

Bioavailability refers to the chemical compounds’ ability to actually absorb into the bloodstream of the body.  In order for the compounds to properly absorb, they must be able to properly absorb through the body’s tissue and properly blend into the blood.

The body is composed of 60 percent water.  Keeping that in mind, it’s easy to see why oil soluble CBD would be less bioavailable.  Water and oil don’t mix, after all.  This means that when we consume oil soluble CBD, there’s a good chance that a lot of that CBD is being wasted as it’s not getting fully absorbed into the bloodstream.

Water soluble CBD is more capable of absorbing into the bloodstream because it naturally dissolves into the blood, being capable of blending with water.  This applies to every type of delivery method – even topical use.  Water soluble CBD is more likely to absorb fully through the skin’s many layers, largely because of the fact that are skin contains so much water.  The particles can also reach the muscle tissue more efficiently as they’re not interrupted by the natural oils that are produced by the skin.

Bioavailability is the key to having a successful CBD experience, which is why this advantage is a major one.  Not only does it allow for a more potent hemp experience due to the higher absorption rate, but it also allows for a faster activation time, which means that people can feel the effects more quickly.  And, this in turn can save a user money, as they require less actual product to experience the desired effects.  Many people who use water soluble CBD report that they can feel the CBD in action better than they could with oil soluble CBD products.

Advantage #2: Allows for More Methods of Delivery

Another big bonus of using water soluble CBD is that it’s more versatile.  Oil soluble CBD can only be combined with other fats to produce a formula.  This can be a bit limiting, as many of us enjoy taking products in liquid form.  Water soluble CBD allows us to consume CBD in a wider variety of ways.  Not only does it work well in the form of tinctures and topicals, but it also allows us to drink it.  Many people find that adding water soluble CBD to a beverage is a highly enjoyable way to consume the compounds in hemp.

If you’ve been looking for a more versatile CBD option, it’s clear that water soluble is the way to go.  Not only can it be found in a wide range of products, but you can also buy it in powder or liquid form and produce your own formulas.

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It’s hard to deny that water soluble CBD may be a huge improvement when it comes to how we consume our hemp.  With a number of technological methods allowing for this unique type of hemp extract to be developed, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the new industry standard.  The good news is that even now, it’s easy to find water soluble CBD so that you can see for yourself what all of the hype is about.