Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit: Small, Compact, and Powerful for Essential Oil Usage


The trend throughout the herbal industry is no doubt moving toward vaporizing products for a smoother and more discreet experience, and with that shift has come a wide array of mod devices that make it easy for us to take in vapor throughout the day.  But not all mods are created equally, as you’ve likely discovered by now.  They come in different sizes, have unique output capabilities, and compatibility levels with various types of herbal products can differ. If you’re all about convenience, portability and discretion, this Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit is a superb choice.

What This Device Has to Offer

This is a compact vaping system that’s universally compatible with standard cartridges.  Rather than operating as a traditional vape pen, it offers a compact box design with a well into which the cartridge magnetically attaches, and maintains a secure connection.

Conveniently Portable and Discreet

Being extremely compact, highly slim, and small in size, you should have have no trouble fitting it into your pocket or purse.  Because of its miniature statue, along with vapor output, enjoy those essential oils in a highly inconspicuous manner.

Easy to Operate

You’ll love how user-friendly this mod is, making it great for beginners.  The industry has a lot of high-tech, advanced vape mods out there.  While they can deliver satisfying vapes, not everyone wants to take the time to learn how to use them.  Or, even maintain them regularly just to keep enjoying what they can offer.  This device is essentially maintenance-free, simply requiring regular charging and occasional cleaning when gunk develops.  Simply drop the cartridge into place, and let magnetic technology do the rest.  There’s no need to adjust settings or use different types of atomizers to enjoy a successful vape.

Powerful Enough to Give You a Stellar Experience

What’s great about the Mini Vape Mod is that despite its small size, there’s enough power to satisfy with tremendously magnificent hits. Its built-in battery boasts a generous capacity to supply adequate vapor.  Plus, you won’t have to constantly recharge the unit each time you’re ready for a session.

Reliable Technology

You can count on the Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit functioning reliably, as it’s manufactured with high-quality materials, and utilizes advanced technology in order to operate in a consistent and dependable manner.  This is very important, as cheaper vaping systems may malfunction regularly, meaning that you suddenly lose the ability to vape.

Excellent for Full and Rich Flavor

The device’s output for which it operates at promotes the smoothest and freshest flavor possible.  This means you won’t have to worry about those annoying dry hits that leave you with a burnt taste in your mouth as a result of too much heat caused by the battery.  A lot of people who vape essential oils look forward to a clean flavor experience.  No wonder this particular mod is a great option.

How to use the Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit

Now, let’s walk you through the process of using the Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit so that you can get started using it in no time.

  • Step #1: You wanna charge the device as it comes uncharged.
  • Step #2: Insert your charger into the charging port and allow the device to reach a full charge.
  • Step #3: When the light on the mod turns green, you’ll know that it’s ready to go.
  • Step #4: Now, you’ll want to insert your cartridge.  Any standard 510-threaded cart will do.
  • Step #5: Simply drop it into the well, as the magnetic connection will do the rest of the work for you.
  • Final Step: You can simply take in a puff of vapor by pulling on the mouthpiece of your cartridge.

Note: When the cartridge runs out of e-liquid, simply replace it with a new one and you’re good to go.

Personal Experience Without Gathering Lots of Attention

As you can see, the Mini Vape Mod Starter Kit is the ultimate vaping system for anyone who wants a small and easy-to-operate vaping system for their essential oil cartridges.  Pocket-friendly, reliable and durable, it’s got everything that you need to get the most out of your daily vapes.