CBD Concentrate Wax: Maximize the Benefits and Effects of Cannabis

CBD Concentrate Wax: How to Maximize the Benefits and Effects of Cannabis

There are multiple ways to use CBD today but how do you get the most bang for your buck? Discover how to maximize cbd benefits with cbd concentrate wax.

If you’ve tried CBD before and haven’t found relief or are looking for a way to increase its potency, then there’s a solution for you.

As CBD continues to grow in popularity and demand, advanced extraction processes of the cannabis plant have led to increases in the amount of CBD levels in some cannabis products.

There are multiple ways to use CBD today but how do you get the most bang for your buck? Discover how to maximize CBD benefits with CBD concentrate wax.

What Is A CBD Concentrate?

Some varieties of the cannabis Sativa plant contain higher levels of CBD than others. Hemp plants are one example. The CBD products you buy also have different levels of CBD potency in them.

A CBD concentrate product tends to have higher CBD levels than the cannabis plant. CBD isolate is also available and is the pure form of CBD.

The FDA does not regulate CBD products, so you should limit your dosage when trying a new CBD product. However, you don’t have to worry about CBD causing intoxication or making your feel “high.”

The psychedelic component of cannabis actually comes from THC. So no matter the dosage of CBD that you take, it will not have this effect.

Benefits of CBD Concentrate

While it is not used as a psychedelic, CBD concentrate products have many benefits from their use. CBD has some health benefits including anti-stress, anti-anxiety, and acts as an anti-inflammatory which can help to relieve a number of conditions.

It acts on the brain’s endocannabinoid system. This can help to treat neurodegenerative diseases or other illnesses affecting the nervous system. It also is used as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

A CBD concentrate product can help you get the most bang for your buck. You can gain all the benefits of regular CBD but with less product use.

What Is CBD Concentrate Wax?

Now that you know why a CBD concentrate can be beneficial, you may be wondering which one is right for you. CBD Concentrate Wax is a highly concentrated CBD.

Many prefer the hemp strains of CBD wax although it is also derived from marijuana strains too. Some feel it has faster and stronger effects. The CBD wax gets its name because once extracted and purified, it looks and feels like wax.

If you want to gain the benefits of CBD but feel that you haven’t seen much results, high-quality CBD wax maybe your best option. CBD wax can contain 80-90% cannabidiol which means you’re getting 800mg of cannabidiol in one gram.

How Is CBD Extracted?

When they extract CBD into oil, they remove the cannabidiol from the hemp plant and then suspended into oil such as coconut or MCT oil. When it is a CBD concentrate, the process continues until you have an oil that is mostly CBD.

There are different ways to extract CBD into waxes. Try to avoid manufacturers that use butane, as this is harmful to humans. The best CBD wax concentrates use CO2 in the extraction process.

Some manufacturers will add terpenes to add some flavor. Terpenes are naturally occurring chemicals in all plants and some insects. Terpenes create the aromas we smell on the plant.

When they extract CBD into CBD wax it is heated and extracted until it forms a waxy consistency. Experts say that the low-grade CBD concentrate has a dark color. While high-grade wax will have a yellow color like beeswax.

Full-Spectrum vs. Isolates

There is still debate as to whether full-spectrum products are better than CBD isolate products. The difference is that CBD isolates contain only one cannabinoid. While the full-spectrum products also contain other terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids.

There is speculation that these compounds work better together and play off each other. However, research is still done to see which version is more effective.

Which CBD Wax Is Right for You?

CBD wax and concentrates can go by different names such as CBD budder, CBD shatter, CBD crumble, and CBD live resin. These are different forms of CBD wax. Let’s break down the differences:

CBD Budder

This CBD wax gets its name from its butter-like consistency. It is very potent and created through extraction by high temperatures and air pressure.

CBD budder is cannabinoids that are extracted once they crystalize. High temperatures are then used during purging or they whip it like batter during the middle or end of purging.

CBD Shatter

This form of CBD concentrate is called “shatter” because it is hard and easily breakable. It is considered to be the purest form of CBD wax because of how they extract and filter it until only the cleanest form of CBD remains.

It is also known for its clear coloring. Its glass-like appearance is the result of the stacked molecules that are perfectly aligned in straight rows. This allows light to pass through it.

CBD Crumble

This type of CBD wax has a similar extraction to CBD budder. However, the difference is that a pre-purged CBD oil is used. CBD crumble has the consistency of feta cheese because it crumbles easily.

What sets it apart is its unique flavor, which is why many prefer it to other CBD waxes. It isn’t a great option for dabbing because of its texture and how it falls apart.

CBD Live Resin

The CBD live resin contains high levels of terpenes. This means it has pleasant flavors and aromas. It gets its name because they remove the CBD from “live” hemp or cannabis plants that are either fresh or frozen.

How Can You Use CBD Concentrate Wax?

There are a number of methods for using CBD wax. You can use it in dabbing which uses highly concentrated heat that requires a dab rig.

You can also use it with your bong. Simply add it with CBD flower first if you’d like and use your bong as usual. However, this method could be wasteful and could get messy.

Vaporizing is another option and vape pens are fairly low cost. You should invest in a higher quality vape pen. It may cost you extra but also last longer and work more effectively.

Is CBD Concentrate Wax Right for You?

As you can see, not all CBD products are created equally. The quality of products available can greatly affect the results that CBD has on your body.

CBD concentrate wax is a great way to gain the benefits of CBD in a highly concentrated form.

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