The Basic Concepts Of Terp Sauce That You Should Know


When talking about concentrates, what immediately comes to mind are CBD or THC concentrates. However, there are other types of concentrates. For instance, concentrates that contain high levels of terpenes are called terp sauce. Terpenes are essentially the oils in cannabis that have been attributed to the characteristic scent of cannabis. As the popularity of cannabis extracts increases, terp sauce also increases in popularity. What are terpenes exactly? And what are they used for? This article will explore some of the concepts about terpenes. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you should be able to buy terp sauce online or from cannabis stores with ease.

What is terp sauce?

As already hinted at in the above texts, terp sauce is a cannabis concentrate that has high levels of terpenes. These aromatic oils are responsible for the earthy scent of cannabis. Besides the aroma, terpenes are known to improve the quality of cannabis strains and influence the overall effect of broad-spectrum or full-spectrum cannabinoid extracts. On their part, the preparation of terp sauce involves the isolation and extraction of these terpenes to form a concentrated liquid known as the sauce. The sauce that has been prepared can then be fashioned into a vaporizer liquid and vaporized or dabbed.

In terms of composition, terp sauce typically has higher levels of terpenes above 50 percent. Some terp sauce concentrates contain up to 70 percent of terpene extract. The reason why terp source does not contain 100 percent terpenes is that they are often mixed with isolates of either CBD or THC for better results.

The extraction of terpenes from the other cannabinoids is done just like in the preparation of other concentrates. Solvents such as butane, CO2, and hydrocarbons are the go-to solvents for extracting terpenes. The solvents have the ability to isolate terpenes from the other cannabinoids – chiefly, THC and CBD. The extracts can then be formulated appropriately and incorporated with other cannabinoids as is necessary for fixed proportions that will increase the potency and overall effect of the final product.

You might confuse Terp Sauce and Live Resin

When you go to buy terp sauce for sale, you may confuse terp sauce and live resin, especially if you are trying out the product for the first time. The reason why it is easy to confuse between the two products is that both of them are often prepared as full spectrum cannabinoid extracts that contain terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Nonetheless, the two are not the same. Live resin is essentially a terpene-high concentrate containing cannabinoids like THC and CBD in its preparation. Terp Sauce, on the other hand, is not pre-formed with other cannabinoids. Instead, they are prepared as terpene extracts and may then be combined with other cannabinoid products such as distillates or isolates.

Regardless of the preparation method and the overall composition, both terp sauce and live resin can be used interchangeably, and they are loved by cannabis enthusiasts. But when it comes down to choosing one product, the choice is dependent on the terpene-cannabinoid combination that you prefer. You may also consider the concentrations and the ratios of the active ingredients to help you choose.

Terp sauce lacks consistency:

Perhaps one of the crucial things to know when you go to buy CBD terp sauce online is that the consistency of terp sauce is not consistent. The product is quite volatile, and even high-end dispensaries are sometimes unable to maintain its texture. But this change inconsistency is not only limited to terp sauce. Other cannabis extracts and shatter tend to lose consistency based on the prevailing weather conditions.

As you may or may not know already, most cannabinoid products are activated by heat through a process called decarboxylation to make them work when consumed. However, this process should be done during consumption or just before the product is consumed. What happens with inappropriate storage is that heat from the environment decarboxylates cannabinoids in the shelves and thus reduces their quality, consistency, and color. This process characteristically occurs quicker with terpenes compared to other cannabis products because the product is highly volatile.


You can buy live terp sauce that has been made using undried, uncured, fresh frozen plant material or go for other alternative forms of terp sauce. The products have almost the same effects and tastes. However, you can modify the product you buy by evaluating your preference on the concentration and composition of the available choices.