What Every Grower Should Know About Hemp Clones


Growing quality hemp plants is quite a hustle. Many growers often go the trial-and-error route especially when they are starting out. For the ones who have been in the field for some time, luck could be on their side and they may have mastered a few tricks to propagate only quality material. As many people increasingly feel the need to be a grower, the wholesalers and retailers have mounted an equal response to help growers find all manner of seeds, seedlings, and clones to plant. Currently, there is a hype around feminized clones and auto-flowering seeds. In this article, we will explore some details about hemp clones.

What are hemp clones?

Cloning is a popular way to propagate hemp plants. The method itself has been used for decades when cultivating other crops but is relatively young in the hemp world. Cloning is considered a modern method of growing crops. Clones are essentially the exact genetic copies of the parent plant. What is done in preparing hemp clones are cutting a piece of the parent plant, often a branch or a root, and then planting it separately in the right conditions. Once it has developed roots and leaves of its own, it can then be transplanted in the field for largescale production.
Since the clones are derived directly from the parent plant, they are exactly the same as the parent plant. The nutritional profile is the same, the amount of CBD yield is almost identical, the level of terpenes and essential oils is also the same. This method ensures that only the quality plants survive a generation or several – depending on the growing potential of the farmer.

Why you should buy hemp clones

Hemp clones for sale are the go-to products for growers who want to maintain the production of a particular strain and quality of hemp. The necessary prerequisite before you buy hemp clones is to determine the quality and type of the parent plant from which the clones were obtained. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can go ahead and buy the hemp clones for sale.


Feminized seeds and clones alongside auto-flowering seeds are among the most popular products for hemp growers in the market today. As is expected, there are equally a high number of vendors who want to sell these products to you. Therefore, you should be awake when buying hemp clones and know the nature of the parent plants from which they are obtained.