What You Should Know About The Difference Between Shatter And Wax


Users tend to buy legal CBD shatter and wax when they are looking for more concentrated pure forms of cannabis. Besides being more concentrated than most forms of cannabis, shatter and wax are also more potent. The products have been used to enhance the traditional benefits that were (and still are) characteristic of cannabis. But as a seasoned user, you may not be interested so much in the similarity but the difference. Knowing the difference between shatter and will help you determine the better option to buy online when you are considering the various CBD wax and shatter for sale in online stores. In this article, we will explore the differences between CBD wax and shatter and help you make a decision on the best product to buy.

CBD wax and shatter are made differently

The difference between CBD wax and shatter starts from the various processing steps involved in each product. First, it is important to appreciate that both wax and shatter are extracts and thus, they contain high concentrations of the active cannabinoid in their formulations. The active cannabinoids are often combined with terpenes and flavonoids to enhance the effects of the product and make the overall effects last longer.
The difference in the extraction is mostly in the amount of heat used. The production of wax utilizes less heat while shatter requires more heat. Besides, the processing of wax requires aggressive mixing of the concentrate such that the molecules are loosely bonded together. Typically, wax is relatively easier to create. Shatter, on the other hand, is relatively difficult to process because it requires precision so that its molecules are tightly aligned, unlike the haphazard arrangement of molecules in wax.
After processing, shatter is subjected to more meticulous filtration methods compared to wax. As a result, shatter is purer and more appealing than CBD wax.
Shatter and wax also differ in texture and appearance. It is this basis of physical difference that the products are named. For instance, CBD wax is opaque, has soft inconsistency, and is easier to handle. You can compare the consistency and texture of CBD wax to thick oil and is yellow-brown in color. Initially, just after production, the wax tends to look like shatter. But it assumes its permanent physical characteristics after it rests for some time.
On the other hand, shatter has a harder texture compared to wax and is transparent because its molecules are tightly arranged in an orderly fashion to allow light to pass through. It is also not yellow like wax but has a characteristic shade of amber.

How to choose between CBD wax and shatter

Most users go for CBD shatter for sale or CBD wax based on personal preferences. Other preferences are based on the individual characteristics of shatter and wax. For instance, shatter is harder with a glassy texture that made it more difficult to use compared to CBD wax. But the tight and orderly arrangement of its molecules gives it a longer shelf life compared to wax. Another crucial difference is the scent of the products.

Wax tends to give more aroma when used compared to shatter. So, if you are into these products for the scent, you may want to consider wax instead of shatter. However, the scent does not equal potency. Shatter has less scent but is the stronger option. Wax gives more scent but is less strong. Wax is less stable and has a shorter shelf life because it is less strong and breaks easily. Thus, wax has to be used sooner which makes it inconvenient for users who buy in bulk for storage. Besides their characteristic difference, these products are both suitable when used as dabs and contain almost the same benefits.
When push comes to shove, you notice that the difference between CBD wax and shatter is a matter of personal preference and not merely the effect of the product because they tend to have the same effects. Thus, things like shelf life, ease of use, and aroma are more of personal preference.


Our advice to new users is to start with wax because it is less strong and has a consistency that makes it easy to use. After using the wax for some time, you shall have gained enough experience to start using the much stronger shatter. However, both the products are ideal for pain and anxiety management because they have a higher concentration of the active ingredient compared to using the plant or other concentrates.