5 Reasons to Try CBD Kief

CBD Kief

Nowadays, there are more CBD-based products on the market than we can barely keep up with.  In fact, today’s hemp enthusiast has their pick of gummies, tinctures, flower, vapes, etc.!  But, there’s one product type that’s only now getting the attention it deserves.  What could that be you ask?  It’s CBD kief.  And, at CBD Warehouse, we’re proud to supply pure, top-shelf CBD Kief for you to try.

What is CBD Kief?

CBD kief refers to the kief that comes off of hemp flower.  The hemp flower buds are naturally coated in a layer of resinous crystals and hairs.  These are visible when observing the buds in your hand.  The crystals and hairs, known as trichomes, contain concentrated levels of  cannabinoids and terpenes.  Both, are within the flower’s chemical composition.

These trichomes naturally shed from the flowers due to friction.  From there, collect abundantly when the buds are ground in a three-part chamber, with the bottom chamber component actually having the specific purpose of collecting kief.  What we end up with is a fine, crystallized isolate powder that’s remarkably concentrated, all while being completely natural with zero added ingredients.

How to Use CBD Kief

This is the part where you might be wondering, “what’s the point of having a highly concentrated, powdered form of flower?”  Well, as you’re about to find out, there are several awesome ways to use it.  Not only that though, but fully experience its impressive value.

  • Sprinkle Kief on Top of Flower: One of the simplest ways to use kief is to just sprinkle it on top of the flower that you’ve loaded into your pipe or vaporizer, or rolled in paper.  This way, each puff gives you an extra potent serving of your favorite cannabinoids and terpenes, for not only stronger effects, but also a bolder terpene flavor.
  • Create Moonrocks: Moonrocks are incredibly popular due to their high potency.  Plus, they couldn’t be easier to make.   Just heat your favorite natural cooking oil until it’s just warm, and then drizzle it over your buds to coat them evenly.  Next, roll the buds in the kief.  Finally, you have extra-potent flower that you can enjoy as you like.
  • Make Hash: Hash is the original concentrate.  Made by slightly heating the kief and using some form of pressure to press it into a ball or a brick.  Can then be smoked as well, offering phenomenal potency.
  • Use Kief for Making Edibles: Doing it this way basically amps up the potency level with minimal effort.

Main Reasons to Get Your Hands on Some CBD Kief

Overall, CBD kief is incredibly unique.  It’s perfect if you’re someone who enjoys exploring what the hemp plant is capable of.  So, in this instance, we can’t recommend CBD Kief enough.  Its potency, paired with its being 100% natural, promotes a one-of-a-kind CBD experience that can fit into just about anyone’s routine.

Now, let’s go over the reasons why this unique product can really amp up your CBD lifestyle.

Reason #1: More Potency Means More Effectiveness

Because kief is naturally concentrated in its potency, you can count on stronger hemp effects.  Great, if ready to take your daily routine to the next level and enjoy a more powerful boost of cannabinoids and terpenes daily.

Reason #2: Versatility

As you can see from the above, CBD kief is an incredibly versatile product.  Allowing you to adjust how it’s utilized, to fit in with the needs of your daily regimen.

Reason #3: Gives You More of That Terpene Flavor

Another advantage of kief is that not only are the effects more potent, but the flavor of the terpenes as well.  If you love checking out the distinctive flavor profiles of different strains of the hemp plant, kief really packs a punch that lets you taste those terpenes like never before.

Reason #4: It’s Simply Hemp as Nature Intended

There are a lot of people out there who want nothing more than to consume hemp in its most natural and unprocessed form.  Kief is a natural byproduct of the plant.  It contains only 100% pure hemp compounds, which have not been tampered with in any sort of way.

Reason #5: Minimizes Waste

Being a natural hemp byproduct, kief allows you to utilize a component of the plant that would otherwise go to waste.  This way, you can really maximize all that the flower has to offer.

CBD Warehouse’s CBD Kief Really Provides That Top-Shelf Quality You So Deserve

CBD Warehouse carries raw, pure, and organic CBD kief in 1g, 1oz, and 1lb size options.  This kief is fresh, and naturally falls off the buds of the plant over time.  Like all of our products, CBD Kief comes from lab-tested hemp material, free of impurities, potent in its compounds, and fully compliant with federal law.  So, what are you waiting for?  Try a more potent form of the hemp plant and reach your goals like never before!