Why Vape THCO?

THC 0 vape acetate happens to be a federally legal derivative of the hemp plant.  Not only that but is available in all kinds of product types.  But, the fact remains, a large majority of avid enthusiasts prefer to vape their way to THCO bliss.  So, what’s a THC 0 vape, and why is it such a desirable delivery method for this fascinating cannabinoid?

What is a THC 0 Vape?

A THCO vape is any product containing THCO vape oil, which is to be inhaled into the lungs in the form of vapor.  In most cases, a THCO vape contains nothing but pure distillate combined with extracted, natural terpenes, meaning that there are no added ingredients in the product whatsoever.

The Two Kinds of THCO Vapes

Generally, there are two kinds of THCO vaping products that you can come across while shopping.:

Vape Cartridges

THCO vape cartridges, or “vape carts,” are pre-filled glass cartridges that contain, in most cases, a full gram (1000mg/1ml) of vape oil.  They have a 510-threaded connection so that they may be screwed onto a rechargeable vape pen, which is sold separately.  Vape cartridges use high-quality coils that keep each puff of vapor smooth, flavorful and beautifully potent.

Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vape pens are a maintenance-free alternative to vape cartridges.  They are all-in-one vaping kits that include a fully charged, non-rechargeable battery, with a pre-filled cartridge that’s permanently attached.  These vape pens never require charging, refilling or assembly.

What You Need to Know About Vaping THCO

Like we said, THCO vapes are the most popular product type for this superstar cannabinoid, since they have a lot to offer to a hemp enthusiast looking for a straightforward and powerful way to experience the compound’s effects.  So, what can you expect from vaping THC-O-acetate?

#1: Offers the Fastest-Acting Effects

Any inhalation-based product is going to give you the fastest-acting effects out of any delivery method.  That’s because the lungs offer a very high absorption rate that allows the cannabinoid to enter the bloodstream within just minutes, peaking quickly.  So, if you want to enjoy THCO on demand, vapes are a great choice.

#2: Provides The Most Potent Effects

Because of the phenomenal absorption rate of inhalation, THCO vapes also produce the strongest effects, which allow you to really get the most out of the cannabinoid’s capabilities.  You’ll end up with the most powerful high by inhaling THCO into the lungs.

#3: Produces the Most Short-Lived Effects

Another thing that makes this delivery method unique is that the effects are the shortest-lasting.  Now, that can be a good thing since you likely don’t have hours upon hours in the day to be super high.  The effects typically wear off within a couple of hours, so you can get right back to what it is that you need to do during the day.

#4: Comes in Various Strains

THCO vapes come in a variety of strains.  This is so users can become particular about the effects that they get out of their vaping experience.  There’s a great choice of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains available on the market, with each cart containing a distinctive terpene profile derived from nature.  Of course, this also means you can select the vape’s flavor profile, since terpenes carry hemp’s flavor molecules.

#5: It’s User-Friendly

Vapes are user-friendly products that are great for beginners and advanced users alike.  Just attach the cartridge to a fully charged vape pen, and take the desired amount of puffs.  Beginners should always start with one puff per session.  Why?  In order to see how THCO makes them feel.

CBD Warehouse’s Line of THC-O Vape Cartridges

CBD Warehouse is product to supply THCO Vape Cartridges.  This cart contains only unrefined hemp: more specifically, 850 milligrams of lab-tested, ultra-pure and highly bioavailable THC-O-acetate distillate, paired with terpenes that are extracted directly from raw plant material.  NO: additives, fillers, or preservatives to get between you and your hemp experience.

Our THCO Vape Cartridge uses high-tech construction.  This is to ensure that every draw is simply amazing in terms of flavor, potency, and smoothness.  It comes in a sativa strain that can complement the euphoria-inducing nature of THC-O-acetate.  In turn, giving you bold uplifting effects and a dazzling body high that can be felt all over.  Meanwhile, the formula is fully compliant with federal law, being extracted from the hemp plant and containing no delta 9 THC.

Overall, if you’re ready to find out why everyone’s raving about THC-O-acetate, our vape cart offers a user-friendly, fast-acting, and highly bioavailable way to get your THCO vape on!