Allowing CBD to Be Part of Your Shower Routine


Many of us are finding that our stress levels are higher than ever before.  What this means is that some serious self-care is in order.  One way in which people are embracing this trend is by incorporating CBD.  Mainly, of course,  into their daily routines.  CBD is a wellness product derived from the hemp plant.  It’s the leading chemical compound found in the plant’s chemical composition.  Known for interacting with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body that each trigger the regulation of a specific bodily process, whether it be mood, pain or overall function of a crucial bodily system.  This is especially true when it comes to your shower routine.

Transforming Shower Time into a Daily Self-Care Ritual with CBD

A lot of us find that showering is one of the most mundane parts of our day, in which we need to take a break from whatever we’re doing in order to wash ourselves to maintain good hygiene.  But what if we told you that you could transform each shower into a luxurious self-care ritual?  Even better, one that could simultaneously boost your physical wellness and your mood?

More companies are developing expertly crafted CBD goods made for using in the shower.  These personal care items range from moisturizing conditioners to heavenly scented soaps infused with hemp compounds.  Using them doesn’t just allow you to enjoy CBD for a few minutes.  You can experience generous doses of cannabidiol that go deep beneath the surface of the skin.  This allows for potentially long-lasting activation in the body.

Types of Hemp-Based Bath Products

Let’s examine some of the most popular CBD products for using when showering or even bathing.

CBD Shampoo

To some, CBD shampoo might sound like a gimmick.  That is, until you realize that cannabinoid receptors do exist in the scalp which may play a role in the function of the hair follicles.  CBD shampoos offer a generous supply of cannabidiol with each application, while effectively cleansing the hair with the antibacterial properties for which cannabinoids are known.  They come in a wide variety of fragrances.  Most are naturally derived for sensitive scalps.  This is great for those who wish to steer clear of synthetic, harsh chemicals.

CBD Conditioner

CBD conditioners make for the perfect companions to CBD shampoos.  While CBD shampoos get rinsed away almost immediately, conditioners are meant to stay on the hair for up to fifteen minutes to allow the moisturizing ingredients to really absorb.  This means that the CBD will have more time to get deep into the follicles in order to offer its regulating properties for which cannabinoids are known.

CBD conditioners essentially do double duty.  Deeply moisturizing your hair while providing all of the properties that CBD has directly to the scalp area.

CBD Soap

CBD soap can come in solid or liquid form, and uses a variety of cleansing agents as well as an ample dose of CBD.  We know that cannabinoid receptors in the skin and muscles respond well to transdermal CBD administration due to the way in which cannabinoids absorb easily through the skin.  CBD is also known for helping with skin irritation, meaning that this type of product is great for anyone who has sensitive skin and finds that many soaps cause physical discomfort and dryness.

CBD Lotion

Whether you’re applying it in the shower or once you get out of it, CBD lotion is a great addition to your daily shower routine.  CBD lotion, like soap, offers transdermal administration of cannabidiol, and because lotion isn’t rinsed off in the way that soap is, can offer stronger effects as you allow the CBD to absorb fully into the skin.  And, it doesn’t hurt that these products smooth the skin and provide lots of moisture that creates a silky finish.

CBD Shaving Cream

Yes, there is such a thing as CBD shaving cream, and we’re here for it.  After all, if CBD works cumulatively, then why not incorporate it into your shaving routine?  CBD shaving creams tend to be gentler on the skin as they typically have plant-based formulas.  Hence, CBD is known for fighting irritation, which can be a great way to handle dreaded razor burn.

CBD Face Masks

While you’re cleansing your body and your hair, why not use a CBD face mask that benefits the complexion?  CBD face masks are becoming hugely popular. It’s due to hemp being rich in antioxidants and unique nutrients which may offer desirable effects to the complexion.  CBD face masks come in all types of formulations.  They can be kept on for the duration of your shower to ensure that all of those wonderful compounds and botanicals really get a chance to work their magic.

What Should You Know Before Buying CBD Shower Products?

CBD showering products are widely available these days.  However, there are some things that you should know before buying them to make part of your shower routine.

  • Always read the ingredients to make sure that what you’re getting is high in quality and legitimate.
  • Look for a product that uses hemp extract rather than hemp seeds, which do not contain any CBD.
    Try to buy from a company that provides lab reports from a third-party testing facility on their website.

You can use CBD shower goods daily if you’d like, as there’s no risk of overdose when it comes to using these products topically.  Also, feel free to experiment with as many of them as you’d like.

Overall, CBD is an Extremely Useful Compound, Even When Showering

In fact, CBD shower goods might be able to transform your daily routine in a way that’s useful long after you turn off the faucet.  Check out the variety of CBD shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions and more to see which products best suit your self-care and wellness needs.