CBD Coffee Pods: The Perfect Way to Start Your Hemp Day


There’s nothing like that first sip of coffee in the morning, is there?  Even the smell of freshly brewed coffee alone can instantly make us feel more focused, centered, and ready for the day ahead.  For thousands of years, we’ve been consuming coffee primarily for its stimulating effects that give us a nice boost of energy that can help us tremendously as we go about our day.  But now there’s a new way to savor that cup of joe, and it involves – you guessed it – CBD.  More people are turning to CBD coffee pods.  Plus, as you’re about to find out, it’s far from a gimmick intended to capitalize off of the hemp trend.

Why Vape CBD-Infused Coffee?

We know what you’re thinking – they really are putting CBD into everything these days.  And there’s a good reason for that.  Cannabidiol is the leading compound in hemp, and it’s got tons of exciting properties, thanks to the way in which it helps regulate every function of the body by feeding cannabinoid receptors found in every bodily system.  CBD absorbs into the body very efficiently.  Meaning, whether we’re eating it, rubbing it into our skin or inhaling it, our body is experiencing its many properties fully.

CBD-infused coffee is a unique type of hemp product, for a few reasons.

Reason #1: Vaping CBD Seems to Offer Particularly High Bioavailability

This means that it absorbs into the system quickly and efficiently for a higher chance of success.  But there is another factor that makes vaping CBD-infused coffee a great option, and it has to do with synergy.

Reason #2: Synergy

Synergy is a term referring to the way in which different plants or plant compounds, when taken together as a combination, can offer more advantages than their separate parts.  Logic tells us that one plus one equals two.  But, in the plant world, one plus one can equal three, as synergy can multiply the benefits of the equal parts.

Reason #3: An Incredibly Unique Synergistic Relationship Between Coffee and Hemp 

We know that coffee can give people the jitters.  Also, some people report that high doses of CBD make them feel a bit drowsy.  Well, many report that the combination of coffee and hemp, when taken at the same time, can provide a completely unique experience in which rather than feeling jittery or drowsy, one feels invigorated, refreshed, focused, calm, and even clear-minded.

This means that if you’re a coffee lover who is sensitive to the stimulating effects of caffeine, having CBD-infused coffee may be the best way to go, because it may take the edge off.  And, of course, it also means that each cup gives your body your daily dose of cannabidiol.

What’s So Special Then About CBD Coffee Pods?

Well, for one thing, it’s made by infusing rich, flavorful coffee with lab-tested full spectrum hemp extract.  Full spectrum hemp extract is unique in that it contains the full variety of compounds present in the hemp plant.  And, each compound offers something unique to the body and mind.  Besides CBD, full spectrum hemp extract contains a number of cannabinoids that each support the body.  This, along with terpenes that have useful properties and an array of essential nutrients.

People take CBD daily for various reasons.  Some people are looking to manage the stress that comes with living a busy lifestyle.  Others like the mood-boosting effects that they experience, while others find that CBD helps with their daily aches and pains.  Regardless of your reason for having an interest in taking CBD, vaping CBD coffee pods could help you reach your wellness goals.

To make CBD coffee pods part of your daily routine, simply switch out your regular coffee for this CBD-infused option.

Start Your Day off Right at CBD Warehouse

If you’re a fan of CBD, and you’re a coffee drinker, why not experience the best of both worlds, by feeling the unique synergistic effects of CBD-infused coffee?  CBD coffee pods have what it takes to get you into the right state of mind and physical wellness to tackle whatever is about to come your way.  Vape them for yourself and savor its delicious taste while you feed your body what the hemp plant has to offer.