What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

CBD Moon Rocks

An Out-of-This-World Experience: What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

An Out-of-This-World Experience: What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

Looking for a new way to reduce anxiety and relieve muscle tension? Click here to learn all about CBD moon rocks and the many benefits they offer.

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CBD has become increasingly popular across the market, and various worldwide products are becoming increasingly popular. One of those products is CBD moon rocks, haven’t heard of them?

Well, no need to worry because, in this guide, we are going to give you all of the information that you need to know when it comes to moon rocks and how to use them. Sit back, relax, and get ready to read any and everything that pertains to moon rocks.

What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

Moonrocks may also be referred to as caviar around the cannabis industry. This way, you’ll know what people are talking about if they don’t outright call the products moonrocks. Moon rocks are a mixture of 3 things: concentrate, kief shake, and the cannabis flower.

Sounds like a potent mix, right? It is because when you smoke it, the feeling that it gives the user is more robust than ordinary cannabis flower. The way that a moon rock is constructed is that a strain of cannabis flower is selected.

Once the cannabis flower has been selected, it will then be coated in a type of oil known as hash oil. The use of the hash oil is what will create that sticky texture needed to keep everything together.

After the oil is applied, the moon rock is rolled in the kief shake, and then it’s ready to be smoked. Moonrocks have a history that takes them deep into the hip-hop scene and beyond.

Benefits of Using Moon Rocks

Much like any other CBD products that you use, there are some key benefits of using moon rocks. The first benefit is that it makes its way into the bloodstream quicker.

This, in turn, means that the person ingesting the moon rock will begin to feel its effects much quicker than other forms of consuming CBD. Having quick relief can help to relieve stress and reduce pain symptoms that may be caused by other ailments.

The main thing to consider when you talk about using CBD is what you need it for and how quickly you want it to take effect. If you require quick relief throughout the day, moon rocks are made for you.

Another benefit that comes from using CBD moon rocks is if you’ve realized that you’ve built a tolerance overtime to your original dosage. Because of how potent this mixture of CBD is, it delivers a higher potency effect in the user.

They are powerful, therefore, use with caution because they prove to be overwhelming for some users. But, if you’re trying to take yourself to the moon and beyond, this is definitely a product you need to try.


When you’ve visited a dispensary, you may realize that the price may seem excessive for the amount of cannabis you’re purchasing. However, the cost of moon rocks is relatively low, especially considering that you’re buying 3 ingredients wrapped into one.

If you were to buy each ingredient individually, it would cost more than merely purchasing a moon rock.

Medicinal Use

One of the biggest reasons that people are turning to the use of cannabis besides recreational use is for medicinal purposes. Whether your experiencing issues with anxiety and need a stress reliever or you’re facing other serious ailments, the use of moon rocks can prove helpful.

As we stated earlier, when you smoke moon rocks, it enters your system quicker than other forms of CBD. This means that if you have a sudden episode or flare-up, a quick puff of the CBD moon rocks can help you to get your symptoms under control.

Negatives Of Using Moon Rocks

There are always 2 sides to the story, meaning that for all of the positives that you get from using moon rocks, there are also some negatives to using moon rocks. There are times that the high you experience from moon rocks may not be the most remarkable thing.

If your trying to be productive or feel that you may become paranoid if you’re too high, then moon rocks may not be the best thing for you. Another negative to using moon rocks is that they can’t be broken down and rolled into a joint.

This should be obvious; not only will it defeat the purpose of constructing a moon rock, but it will also create a sticky mess that you’ll have to clean up. Lastly, if you can’t smoke it sooner rather than later, it may begin to melt if placed in a warm area.

Moon Rock Tips

There are some tips that you may want to consider when creating your personal moon rocks. Some dispensaries may allow you to customize your moon rocks. In contrast, others already have pre-made ones that are ready for you to purchase.

When you create your moon rock, take the time to get creative about the cannabis flower that you select as your base for the moon rock. You can even choose multiple types of strains to incorporate into 1 moon rock. Ensure that the strains you choose are complementary to each other.

Whenever you use moon rocks, ensure that the object you’re placing it in, whether its a pipe or a bubbler, is clean. When you don’t guarantee that the object your smoking out of is clean, you can inhale residue that is old and maybe stale.

Trust us, smoking stale products can quickly ruin the smoker’s experience before it had a chance to begin. You should light your moon rock with a hemp wick. This keeps outside chemicals from influencing the flavor of the smoke that you’re inhaling.

Are You Ready?

When it comes to using CBD moon rocks, there are many benefits and only a few negatives to consider before purchasing them. We hope that this guide was informative and engaging to read. If you’re looking for a reputable seller to purchase CBD from, we encourage you to check out our products.