Can You Smoke Hemp? 4 Reasons to Look at Weed’s Low THC Cousin

Can You Smoke Hemp

Can you Smoke Hemp? 4 Reasons to Look at Weed’s Low THC Cousin

If you’re wondering “can you smoke hemp,” the answer may surprise you! Smoking hemp could be the best way for you to get access to the amazing world of CBD.

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If you use marijuana you should be aware of the psychoactive effects of THC. Most of the time, it makes you high and you might wish for a gentler alternative.

Did you know hemp provides a perfect substitute with all the benefits of marijuana?

Hemp has low levels of THC and boasts of the vast beneficial cannabinoids like marijuana. It also doesn’t make you high and it’s better than CBD isolates by far.

If you’re wondering can you smoke hemp, the answer may surprise you! Smoking hemp could be the best way for you to get access to the fantastic world of CBD.

Still, there are more reasons to explore the weed’s low THC cousin. Keep reading to find out!

Everything You Need to Know About Smoking Hemp

Hemp has an acute resemblance to weed. For that reason, some people may avoid it and opt for CBD isolates when trying to control THC intake.

Like marijuana, hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa family─ but it’s less potent. It contains a high CBD content and all the terpenes and the cannabinoids. Thus, it’s an excellent option if you’re withdrawing from weed or starting out but in need of a more enriching CBD.

Hemp contains the legally accepted 0.3% THC levels. This makes it more accessible across many states. Wherever you go you can find hemp buds, flowers, seeds or oil.

If you’re still curious can you smoke hemp, here are some benefits and tips to boost your experience.

1. It Has a Quick Impact

Smoking hemp buds or CBD is the quickest way to experience anticipated results. When smoking, CBD and the terpenes in your hemp interact with your lungs right away. The smoke particles enter your bloodstreams fast and trigger your system within minutes.

This makes smoking a more reliable way of consuming hemp, especially when you wish for a quick impact. Unlike edibles or oils that may take longer to produce results, smoking hemp exposes you to all its potency.

If you’re quitting marijuana, smoking hemp could be the best way to transit. You might miss the THC sway. Yet the fast-tracked delivery of hemp will enhance your adaptation.

2. You’ll Enjoy the Entourage Effect

When contemplating can you smoke hemp, you’ll also worry about the entourage effect. Hemp, unlike CBD isolate, contains all the healthy and the enriching cannabinoids. When you smoke hemp, you’ll be able to enjoy all the impact of the terpenes.

The terpenes, cannabinoids and the flavonoids from hemp combine to offer a fulfilling experience. This feeling is the entourage effect that most users associate with pot. Given there’s no THC in hemp, the result here is more soothing and intensely pleasurable.

Only the full-spectrum CBD can provide you with a similar impact. But with the market awash with CBD isolates, you can pass up on many benefits of cannabis. Always, CBD is more effective when combined with other compounds.

3. No THC Psychoactive Effects

Often smoking or vaping weed can get you high. When high, you might feel amused, giggly, hungry, relaxed, creative, euphoric and so on.

On the flip side, it can rouse unpleasant feelings. You can experience panic, anxiety, convulsions and other worse effects, especially when you’re a newbie.

Hemp lacks all the high effects of marijuana, thus more friendly even when you’re a new smoker. You’ll feel excellent and relaxed but the lack of THC guarantees you won’t get high.

The answer to your question, “can you smoke hemp” is a resounding yes. Yet, to enjoy all the benefits of smoking hemp, you must keep the following tips in mind.

4. No Prominent Health Risks

The American Lung Association warns against all smoking. They say smoke is risky to the lung’s health no matter where it comes from. Smoke from wood, marijuana or hemp produces toxins that can cause health issues.

But there are no particular risks associated with smoking hemp. So, unless you’ve got lung problems or complications, then you can opt for hemp edibles, oils, or rolls.

Hemp smoking can cause throat irritation, and sometimes nausea. And sometimes it can interact with medications such as diuretics. But it has abundant proteins, antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids unlike CBD.

Tips for Smoking Hemp

If you’re interested in smoking hemp, check out these tips on how to.

Buy from Authority Sources

When buying smokable hemp, consider reputable and trustworthy sources. Right vendors can sell you high-quality hemp buds with the approved 0.3% THC levels.

Search for organically grown hemp that assures minimal pesticide exposure. Most of the time, the best quality hemp comes from the U.S.

For the entourage effect, choose hemp with the highest CBD content and full of terpenes. The higher the content of CBD and terpenes, the better the strength of your CBD.

Preheat the Hemp Buds

Hemp, in its raw form, has carbon atoms attached around it. This makes it hard for the body to process the cannabinoids. Heating removes the carbon and allows your body to absorb the hemp compounds faster.

It’s thus vital to preheat the hemp before smoking it. This boosts all it’s bioavailability and allows you to access all the benefits.

Choose the Right Hemp Dosage

Hemp buds are as healthy as the broad spectrum. Given they contain more compounds than CBD isolate, their dosing can be trickier.

If you’re withdrawing from weed, you won’t struggle to establish your ideal dose. But if you’re new, you may need to start with lower portions. You’ll then continue to track your dosage as you become accustomed to hemp.

Inhale the Smoke Slowly and Deeply

When smoking hemp, most of the precious compounds combust into tiny smoke particles. This means you may lose tons of your hemp’s potency if you’re not careful.

Consider inhaling most of the hemp’s smoke instead of blowing a huge chunk out. Allow the smoke to settle in your lungs for some seconds then breathe out slowly. This boosts the bioavailability of cannabinoids and enhances the efficiency of your hemp.

Parting Shot: Can You Smoke Hemp?

Hemp is as smokable as marijuana or CBD. It’s even better than it’s THC cousin and more soothing because it doesn’t get you high. Smoking hemp also allows you to enjoy the vast therapeutic benefits of weed, unlike CBD.

If you’re now convinced about can you smoke hemp or not, make sure you buy it from a good source. Hemp with the right CBD and terpenes enables you to access all the mentioned benefits.

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