What Is Better CBD Oil or Gummies?

What Is Better CBD Oil or Gummies? Find the Best CBD Product for You

What Is Better CBD Oil or Gummies? Find the Best CBD Product for You

What is better, CBD oil or gummies? With so many choices of CBD products out there, it’s easy to feel confused. Here’s how to make the right choice for you.

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What do the following items all have in common: oil, gummy, lotion, tincture, pre-roll, balm, salve, capsule, cookie, and soap?

You guessed it! They are all different available forms and products containing CBD.

But with so many choices it can seem pretty overwhelming to shop for CBD. And while all of these products contain the same compound, CBD, the delivery system will impact the way it works and your personal experience.

Comparing and contrasting all the available CBD products would take a while, so let’s just focus on two of the most popular.

What is better CBD oil or gummies?

Keep reading to find out who wins this showdown.


CBD is a compound found in the hemp plant. Unlike the marijuana plant, the hemp plant does not contain THC which is the chemical responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Therefore, CBD will not make you feel “high”.

Although both THC and CBD are classified as cannabinoids, they have very different effects on the body and brain.

But, we’re not here to talk about the differences between THC and CBD. Let’s review the properties of CBD oil that make it unique from CBD gummies.

How It’s Made

CBD oil can be made using a few different processes. One of these methods is using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) at high pressures with advanced machinery to extract a pure CBD oil.

CBD oil can also be used to infuse another oil, like olive oil, which will ultimately have high concentrations of CBD. This process involves heating the plant to very high temperatures to activate the ingredients before using it to infuse another oil.

Many people favor this technique because it is easy to do at home, but it is a less pure form of CBD because it requires another oil to infuse with.

Winterization and distillation are often used in combination to produce high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products. These two processes work to extract CBD from the plant in its purest form and remove all traces of other chemicals or compounds.

How It’s Used

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between CBD oil and CBD gummies is that CBD oil can be used in many different ways while gummies are just ingested as you would with a gummy bear.

CBD oil can be used sublingually, meaning a few drops of oil are put underneath the tongue. This method will result in more rapid processing of CBD.

CBD oil can also be made into a wax which is used to create dabs. This is perhaps the fastest way to experience the benefits of CBD.

CBD oil is a versatile product because it can be consumed on its own, mixed with other solutions, or used to create other forms like wax. It is also easier to control the amount of CBD you are using when you use oil whereas gummies come in standard milligram amounts.

The Effects

Generally speaking, the effects of CBD oil and CBD gummies are the same. However, the method of ingestion for the oil is going to influence how quickly the effects are felt.

As mentioned above, dabs are going to be nearly instant while sublingual could several minutes. As a whole, CBD oil is going to work more quickly than gummies because gummies have to be digested while the oil is going into the bloodstream.

It should also be noted that CBD oil generally has a mild earthy, plant-like taste whereas gummies usually have sugars and flavors that can make them sweet or sour.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies have become very popular because they are an easy, tasty way to ingest CBD. Gummies come in various flavors and doses allowing you to choose from more options.

Much like CBD oil, CBD gummies do not have THC so there are no psychoactive effects.

How It’s Made

CBD gummies are traditionally made using CBD extract which comes from the hemp plant. The extract is then mixed with the other ingredients that make up gummy-type treats.

CBD gummies may have isolate or broad-spectrum CBD. CBD oil tends to be a purer form of the compound than what is put inside the gummy.

How It’s Used

While CBD oil has a few different ways it can be used, CBD gummies are pretty-straightforward. You eat them! That’s it.

You can usually find CBD gummies in a few different doses from 5mg to 25mg and you can consume part or all of the gummy. The amount of CBD in gummies is fairly reliable but not quite as precise as the measuremnt in CBD oil given how each form is made.

The Effects

CBD gummies will ultimately have the same effects as CBD oil, however, it will take significantly longer for you to experience those effects. The reason for this is because gummies, like any other food product, have to be digested.

Though the gummies may take longer to kick in, the effect usually lasts longer than CBD oil. Some people report that the effects of CBD oil are more noticeable than gummies, but usually it comes down to personal preference on the experience.

There may be some side effects to taking CBD in any form. You should consult a medical professional before using CBD.

What Is Better CBD Oil or Gummies?

You came here for an answer: What is better CBD oil or gummies?

The truth is that there is no real scientific way of showing which product is better. But, based on your desired experience, it is possible to narrow down the choice between these two.

If you are looking for convenience, taste, and a longer-lasting experience, CBD gummies are a good choice. But, if you’re looking for a faster-acting, versatile product that is pure CBD, you should check out CBD oil.

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